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Review: Kurtzy Silicone Oven Mitts (Pack of 2 mitts)


I was sent these silicone oven mitts by Kurtzy for free for a review.

I love these gloves! I’ve always had problems being oversensitive to heat. I seem to feel something is hot when others tell me it is just warm and have always struggled with taking things out of the oven. But these silicone oven gloves are the answer to those problems :)!

The gloves come in a plastic bag, and each glove in tis own bag too. Now, I have heard of silicone gloves before but I never ever tried them. I was always a bit sceptical of just how good silicone could be. I’ve used lots of different oven gloves in the past but as I said before I’ve always had problems in feeling the heat through them. After a while I have gotten used to using the thickest gloves I could find, but still, I can feel the heat coming from the baking tray while picking it up. But things are very different with these silicone gloves.

Each silicone glove has the rubbery silicone on the outside and some padding on the inside. The outside silicone is easy to clean so great if you accidently stick a thumb into a casserole or something. The gloves look just like a traditional oven glove on the inside but has a lot less padding than I would usually like. The gloves are both very long and will cover a good portion of your lower arm which is great for me as my wrists are always prone to catching the edge of a baking tray. Each glove also contains its own little hook too, so you can hang it up.

I was very cautious and a bit afraid (due to how thin they are) when I first tried them on. I went to pick up a tray of biscuits I’d baked and was very surprised at just how little of the heat I could feel. For the first time in my baking history I actually picked up, held and even paraded around the kitchen a bit while holding the tray! I couldn’t believe just how heat resistant the silicone was. I still can’t! All I felt after some time was a warm feeling on my hands, but none of the heat that would burn them.
The gloves too suffered from no heat damage, no burning of any kind which has sometimes happed to some of my older oven gloves.

Another great feature of these silicone gloves has to be the amount of movement they give. Because they don’t have to be so thick as other oven gloves, and the silicone is very bendable, they are actually incredibly flexible and it is so easy for me to be able to pick things up and grab hold of handles and utensils through the gloves. This makes picking up hot things even easier as I now have a better grip on any trays or tins I put in the oven.

I really have enjoyed using these oven gloves and can recommend them to anybody looking for oven mitts. They really do a great job at keeping your hands safe from the heat while giving you great control in handling everything. I really cannot fault them and they have now replaced my old oven gloves :)!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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