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Review: Kurtzy Emoji Icing / Cookie Stamp Press


I was sent this emoji stamp press set by Kurtzy for free for a review.

This stamp set comes in a sturdy white box. Inside the box you get the clear plastic handle of the stamp and four silicone emoji stamp shapes.

Using this is easy and of course it doesn’t require instructions. The silicone shapes are very flexible and fit easily onto the handle. There’s no difficulty in fitting them on like there are with some rubber items, the silicone is very pliable and stretches easily but at the same time, once placed onto the handle each piece holds on very well.

emoji1 emoji2

There are four emoji shapes and each of them stamps easily into your cookie mix or icing or whatever it is that you are stamping. You don’t need to use much pressure to stamp, although of course it depends on the softness of the mix you are stamping and how deep you want the emoji shape to display. Each shape leaves a circle with the face inside.

The silicone part is well fitted to the plastic handle and there’s no gap between the two when stamping, the silicone also won’t fall off or half detach when using this. The handle is well made and doesn’t contain any sharp edges. Taking the silicone apart from the handle is easy, no difficulty and both the handle and emoji faces are very easy to wash so easy to use and very easy to clean too.


The whole set is cheap in price but of a good quality and I’ve had a lot of fun creating biscuits with different faces on them! Overall a great item and works really well.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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