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Review: Homescapes

This game is so great and perfect for anyone who loves Gardenscapes, although you don’t have to have played Gardenscapes in order to love this one! Just like Gardenscapes, the idea of Homescapes is to match three objects together to make them disappear, just like games like Bejewled or Candy Crush if you’ve ever played… Continue reading Review: Homescapes

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Review: Smart Phone Movie Maker

I was sent a free copy of this by Walker Books.  It’s both a book and a product, here is my review. This is a fun kit to help kids create movies on a smart phone. There’s a lot in this kit and I’ll explain both the kit and how and if it works when… Continue reading Review: Smart Phone Movie Maker

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Review: Yahoo Mail app

This review is a few months old but the same still applies to this app believe it or not… If I’d been writing this review 3 months ago I would have given this 3 or 4 stars but this app is annoying me so much now I can’t give it more than 1! I downloaded… Continue reading Review: Yahoo Mail app

Fun & Innovative Gadgets

Review: Blusmart 3D Printing Pen

I was sent this 3D printing pen by Blusmart for free for a review. This 3d pen comes well packaged in a very sturdy nice looking box. Inside the pen is nicely displayed and securely held in with a plastic bag for extra protection. Lifting the pen off you have all the other materials in… Continue reading Review: Blusmart 3D Printing Pen


Amazon Deletes More Reviews! But on the Plus Side – I’m Joining Twitter…Again!

So this is a quick post just to let everyone know that Amazon UK has done a second round of deleting reviews…*sigh*.  In case some of you didn’t know that reviews were being deleted, they are.  These are for what is known as ‘incentivized reviews’ or reviews where people would get an item for free… Continue reading Amazon Deletes More Reviews! But on the Plus Side – I’m Joining Twitter…Again!


Happy New Year 2017!!

Originally posted on Happymeerkatreviews:
Happy New Year everyone!  With 2017 about to be upon us I wanted to wish everyone a super happy new year, may 2017 be a great year for us all!!!  I’ve written a poem to celebrate the new year and will be sharing a 2016 review of Happymeerkatreviews as well as news…

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Review: HccToo MP3 Player

I was sent this MP3 player by HccToo for free for a review. This mp3 player comes in a simple plastic box along with a usb charging/data cable, instructions and earphones. The instructions come in English and contain some diagrams and are easy to understand. The mp3 player actually came fully charged so ready to… Continue reading Review: HccToo MP3 Player