About Me

Hello!  I’m thehappymeerkat but you can call me C or Cat.  Happymeerkatreviews Products is the sister site of Happymeerkatreviews where I review books, post poetry and other random musings, please take a look if you have the time!

Although Happymeerkatreviews began as a review site, it started focusing more on books.  I wanted somewhere to place all my product reviews away from the books and so Happymeerkatreviews Products was born.  On this site you’ll find all manner of different products, from electronic gadgets, to clothing and lighting to simple crafting paper, whatever I’ve reviewed I will post about it here.  To navigate the site use the menus or search box or sign up to the blog to receive updates of new products.

If you are interested in all types of books including colouring and children’s please hop on over to Happymeerkatreviews.  Both sites have dedicated twitter and facebook feeds.  If you also enjoy reading poetry or more in depth discussion posts then please visit too.  However if you are just interested in all kinds of products then please stay on this site.

I began reviewing items on amazon about two years ago after a traumatic event.  It gave me a way to cope and take my mind off the depression, anxiety and ocd I had.  It’s been over two years and I still enjoy reviewing items.  I always give my honest opinion on any item I review with the rating based on my own experiences.  I often don’t accept to review items that look like they’d have issues so many of my ratings are positive but I WILL rate something down if it doesn’t deserve a good rating, regardless of whether someone sent me a product to review or I bought it myself.

If you have any questions about me or this site please ask below, or alternatively if you have questions about a product, don’t hesitate to comment.  I will try my best to answer all questions :).  I hope you enjoy these reviews and the way I write them!


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