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Review: eBoot Cute Snail Silicone Teabag Holders (pack of 10)


I was sent these silicone snail teabag holders by eBoot for free for a review.

You get 10 silicone snails in 5 different colours. These things really are cute. The idea is to place a snail onto the side of your cup and then either allow the snail to hold the actual teabag or wrap the teabag string around its shell to help keep it in place.


When you first attach the snail, unless you have a very thick mug, you will notice the snail holder is very loose and I didn’t think that it would be able to hold anything let alone a wet teabag. However when I tried using this with my favourite herbal teas, wrapping the string around the shell was easy (as in the amazon pictures) and the tea bag did stay in place with the snail not moving. I’ve tried again with the snail holding an actual teabag and to my surprise, again, it held!
It seems that despite the looseness of the peg part of the snail, the silicone it is made of really gives it that rubbery friction so it doesn’t slip.


Not only are these snail teabag holders useful, but they really are cute and I can really recommend them for anybody looking for a teabag holder🙂.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here



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