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Review: Stoga ESTONE X7 Button Gaming Mouse


I was sent this gaming mouse for free for a review.

This optical gaming mouse is amazing. As anyone who reads my reviews knows I’m an avid gamer and so the chance to try this mouse out I jumped at it, and I’m so glad I did.

The stoga gaming mouse comes in a lovely big presentation box. There are no instructions inside, but you really don’t need them, everything you need to know is written on the box itself. It’s a usb mouse that you just plug in and go. The box advertises the mouse as an E-sports(electronic sports) gaming mouse and I understand why.

gam1 gam2

At first I thought the size of the mouse was too big, especially as I have smaller hands. But I was so wrong as I started to play an intense shooter rpg game I’m currently playing. Using the mouse and the keyboard was so much easier than with a regular mouse and the whole mouse had an instant comfort and fit that just made my gameplay more enjoyable. The mouse itself is shaped for the right hand only though, so if you like to sometimes grab the mouse with you left hand then you won’t be able to use this easily.


As soon as the mouse is plugged into any usb socket it starts glowing, cycling through a range of colours, I’ve tried to get a few pictures of this below. The mouse features 7 buttons. The first 3 are the standard of all mice, left, right and wheel. The additional buttons are DPI which I haven’t needed to use but pressing this makes the mouse pointer speed on screen speed up or slow down, some games require a faster speed, plus a double click button just to the left of the left mouse button. This button is great for games where you have to quickly click to switch units or other things(depending on your game/application) and just great for sore fingers that are tired of double-clicking to open a program.
The forward and back buttons are on the left side of the mouse, you can use your thumb for these. Although I don’t have many games that feature the need for these, I’ve found that just browsing the internet and wanting to go forward and back are easily done through a click on this mouse rather than pointing at the arrow buttons on the top left of the screen.
The mouse button placement may feel a bit strange the first time you put your hand on it but only after a short time you realise just how comfortable they are, and this is especially so if you like to play a lot of games. The only button I have to get used to is the wheel in a slightly different place than my hand is used to, but I think this is more getting used to a new mouse than a problem with the position.


Another key feature that isn’t mentioned anywhere on the box is the slightly rubbery/non-slip grip the mouse has, particularly where the base of your palm is. Anybody who uses a mouse a lot and especially for games where you never lift your hand off will know that horrible slip you sometimes get when your hand starts to sweat. This mouse’s rubbery grip stops your hand moving at all. I constantly had a grip on the mouse the entire time I was intensely playing.

The cord is the other fantastic feature. Again one of the things I’ve noticed about my old mice that have had their day is the fact that the plastic like cord slowly starts to split, especially at the top of the mouse, this leads to the ugly inner wires being exposed and can be dangerous in time. Well the Stoga gaming mouse has a lovely proper material cord that won’t just split and it’s reinforced for bending at the end near the mouse, in the same way that the end of things like irons have a reinforced part. This means this mouse will never suffer exposed wires another key bonus for me!


I really love using this mouse and after constantly using a regular mouse for gaming I really see the difference in using a dedicated gaming mouse!🙂 As I said before it can’t be used for left hands as it’s designed to fit into a right hand so easily but for anyone out there who wants a great mouse with great colours and great features for playing your games I’d really recommend this stoga gaming mouse. I just can’t fault it!🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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