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Review: YCCTEAM G10 Gaming Mouse


I was sent this gaming mouse for free for a review.

This mouse comes well packaged in its brown box along with instructions, a cd, some sticker pads and a leaflet in Chinese. The instructions are in English with diagrams and pictures, and are easy to understand, but these are about using the CD and not the general operation of the mouse.


The mouse itself is a usb mouse. It can be plugged into any pc or laptop and be used straight away, without the use of the CD disc. The CD is used to be able to program the mouse buttons with different settings however I was unable to test this feature as the only disc drive I have at the moment is an external one, and because the CD is so small and the disk drive doesn’t eject a tray I was unable to use the disc. The rest of my review is for the mouse with it’s original button settings.


The mouse itself is for using with the right hand, with some buttons meant to be pressed with your thumb. But the overall shape of this mouse makes it easy to hold with your left hand too, if like me you tend to sometimes swap for a bit. The whole mouse has a slightly grip/non-slip material over the entire black part of the mouse. This as opposed to regular plastic is great as when my hands get all sweaty from gaming, the mouse doesn’t move and slip out of my control.
There is a cord leading from the mouse and this is material rather than the usually rubbery plastic. The traditional corded mice have a material that easily splits with lots of use. My previous regular mouse cord split revealing the colourful wires inside. However this mouse won’t due to the material which resembles shoe laces. The part of the mouse where the cord/wire is attached to the mouse is also extra reinforced (like with corded irons), this stops the cord splitting here which is where my previous mouse had a problem.


The mouse feels good in the hand. Although it’s a larger than normal mouse, my hands which are smaller grip the mouse easily without having to really stretch my hand too much.
This mouse has 10 buttons in total:. You have the regular 3 mouse buttons: left, right and wheel.
Below the wheel is the DPI button. This lets you change the DPI, or the speed of the mouse pointer. For very graphic hungry games this is important as the cursor just doesn’t move fast enough. Pressing the button will make the mouse glow a different colour and each colour represents a different DPI speed. Red is the slowest, then green, blue and white.
Below the left button is the backward button and below the right is the forward button. These buttons should work, especially in internet browsing however the forward button doesn’t work no matter how much I press it.
There are 3 more buttons which you press with your thumb, on the side of the mouse. The single button is the triple click (I’ve never had a triple click before!), and the other two, one of them dumps me back to desktop (as if I clicked on the windows home icon), and the other slows down the mouse. If you hold this down while moving the cursor it moves extra slowly, which could be good for specific applications where you need exact precision, such as graphics.
The last button is under the mouse and turns the light feature on or off.


Overall this is a great gaming mouse. And though I haven’t been able to test this out you should be able to customize the buttons to fit how you like to play. The overall feel is really good and it’s got everything I need for serious gaming. The stickers that come with it are for putting underneath the mouse, an extra set of pads to protect it from your table/desk, should the others ever come off, which they do!


Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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