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Review: Yahoo Mail app

This review is a few months old but the same still applies to this app believe it or not…

If I’d been writing this review 3 months ago I would have given this 3 or 4 stars but this app is annoying me so much now I can’t give it more than 1! I downloaded this app via the google play store but it’s the same app as here.

The app is easy to use and link with several inboxes (even non yahoo ones). I didn’t have any trouble downloading it and using it is easy and straightforward. There’s a settings menu where you can customize the colour scheme of the inbox and actually choose from several different colours. I find this works well if you want to attach multiple inboxes as you instantly know which one you’re in. Like with yahoo mail you can star emails, mark them as unread (pressing the circle at the bottom of an individual email, you can also arrange emails into conversation or have them on their own. I don’t like the conversation mode so I turned this off so I get each email listed one after the other in the inbox rather than bunched up together.

Writing an email is the first problem that’s existed since I’ve had this app. While writing on my phone is easy with the touch screen keyboard that pops up, the app, at times, seems to have a mind of its own and the cursor regularly moves. It jumps down several spaces, but because I’m busy looking at the keyboard I don’t notice this until I’ve finished writing a word and see text inside text. For example ‘Dear John’ followed by me later typing the word ‘happy’ ends up looking like this: Dear Jhappyohn….ridiculous! This seems to happen more often the more times I want to edit something I’ve written and decide to place the cursor inside text I’ve already written. When I’m finished and put the cursor back to the bottom, even though it’s blinking, it often jumps back to the last place I had it as I start typing. It also seems to jump down to text lower down (if I’m replying to an email) and actually ends up messing up the senders previous email, this seems to happen sometimes when I just haven’t typed anything for a while! This has been a major problem with yahoo mail app for me and was the only issue I had until now.

Because of the different places I am around the internet and work and stuff I currently have 5 email addresses. I tried linking up yahoo mail with 3 inboxes in total (all yahoo mail addresses) and this worked until the last month and a half. I’ve tried adding a further one and very recently a fifth but this app can’t take it! The more inboxes you attach the slower and more buggy this gets. The app regularly shuts down when I’m switching between inboxes, I then get a message ‘Yahoo mail has stopped working’ on my phone. The app starts again when I click on it but it’s becoming very annoying. Another thing this app is doing is being slow to display emails. I had this problem only once in the past but almost everyday now emails come into the app minutes, and sometimes many hours later. The app just doesn’t show that there’s an email but if I log in on a pc I can see emails in my inbox. I thought maybe it was my phone’s reception so I downloaded the Gmail app too. While not perfect either that app shows all the emails going into the inbox when they do, while the yahoo one is still showing an empty inbox.

Yahoo mail itself has been a nightmare in recent months and this app seems to just add to that mess. While it initially started out great I would not recommend this app to anyone. If you can get another app for your phone or tablet than do, even if you have a yahoo email address. The app is getting worse is riddled with bugs and I shouldn’t have to waste date in deleting and updating it all the time!

Rating: 1/5


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