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Review: VicTsing In Ear Mini Bluetooth Headset


I was sent this headset by VicTsing for free for a review.

This mini headset is much smaller than any I’ve tried before but so good despite its size. The mini headset comes in a small box along with instructions, a usb charging cable, an ear hook and two spare ear buds (3 in total).

The instructions that come are easy to read and contain everything you need to know but contain no diagrams, not that any are needed.
Charging the headset is the first important thing you need to do. The box itself states that the headset can ONLY be charged via a usb connection to a pc/laptop rather than a mains wall connection. Not sure why this is but I did take caution and use my laptop to charge it up. There is a little red light that shows while charging and the first charge only took me one hour. I just have to add that the cable for charging is extremely short so make sure you have a little space around your usb port.

The headset comes with 3 different sizes of ear bud with the smallest one already attached. This turned out to be the best fit for me but I did give changing the ear buds a go. Changing them is very easy, I struggle with a lot of ear buds but thankfully not with these.

Pairing with your devices is easy. Just press the multifunction button (MFB) until it is flashing red and blue lights alternatively. Then you find the device on your phone, pc, etc and pair it. This was very quick for me and I had no problems with it. After pairing, the headset worked straight away. I really haven’t had any issue with it and it responds well and for me is far easier to use than some other headsets I’ve tried.

There are only two buttons on the headset, the main button on the side of the headset is the multifunction button and there is also a small button on the side. I actually enjoyed listening to music with this headset, it was nice and clear with a good bass, although I am disappointed that it didn’t come with an extension ear piece so I could listen with both ears. Adjusting the volume is very easy, you just keep pressing the side button and it will scroll through the volume, e.g, quietest, quiet, medium, loud, quietest.

I really like this headset and find it far more usable than another victsing headset I’ve tried. Although the headset didn’t quite fit in my ear when used without the ear hook, the hook itself is comfortable to wear. It seems to allow a little bendability to fit around the ear and as a result I could get a good fit that didn’t hurt my ear. After fitting the ear hook on, the headset didn’t fall out of my ear and I even tested it with jogging, just to make sure.

Overall I currently can’t fault this little device. And if you are looking for a nice simple and small headset for a good price I’d say this is a great one to get.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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