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Review: Stoga Uspo U5 Bluetooth Sports Earphones


I got these earphones by Stoga for a large discount for a review.

Let me start with the packaging for these earphones. The packaging alone makes you feel like you’ve just bought a designer pair of earphones. I warn you the packaging is all in Chinese (apart from the word stoga at the top) but don’t worry about this as there are English instructions inside. I’ve taken pictures below to show you just how special the packaging is.

Inside the very stiff box you’ll find the earphones sitting well presented along with spare earbuds (3 pairs in total) in a lovely foam. When you pull the foam out there’s a box with a charging cable, instructions and a warranty card (half written in Chinese so probably useless in this country) and another compartment holds the ear hooks (3 pairs in total).

stoga-waterproof-earphones1 stoga-waterproof-earphones2

The user manual unfolds, one side is in Chinese and the other side written in English that is easy to understand and includes a diagram. The diagram is important as it shows the LED indicator light which is so small you can miss it. Charging up the earphones took about two hours initially and it’s important to look at the pictures I’ve taken. When charging there is a small white light that is on, and when this light goes off your earphones are charged, the problem with this light is it is so small it’s easy to miss and believe you have them charged when they are not.


Pairing these earphones was very easy and they paired easily with my devices although I have to say I am disappointed with the sound you get when pressing the pairing button (press and hold the middle button until you hear a voice). I’ve had Bluetooth earphones that have shouted out ‘pairing’ and others that produced nice blips, but these are spoken in Chinese. Great if you speak the language, not so great if you don’t.

Once paired I tried the earphones on. I never properly wear them until I’ve paired them after once nearly going deaf when a voice screamed out ‘pairing’! The ear hooks look a bit confusing at first but actually hook onto the square earphone itself. They are cleverly labelled with an L or R and are also notched slightly to fit around the cable part or the earphone. The hooks are easy to put onto the earphones and I’m glad to say that changing the earbuds was too a very easy and simple thing to do.


Now, here is the reason I gave this pair of earphones a 4 instead of a 5 star rating. It is simple that these earphones just didn’t want to stay in my ears. The earhooks didn’t really work for me (I tried all 3) and despite the fact they are more comfortable than most earhooks, they just didn’t help the earphones themselves to stay in my ears. This is probably due to the fact that the earphones are quite heavy. They have a metallic back and are indeed magnetic (see picture below) which is great for keeping them together around your neck or in your back, but I also feel this leant to the weight of the earphones and I couldn’t get them to stay…until…I ended up pushing the earphones in so far they actually plugged my ears (WARNING: NEVER listen to music with your ears plugged) After plugging them -this was by accident- I then pulled them out slowly until they released and stopped being ‘plugged’. Only then did the earphones stay in my ears and not move when I exercised.
I did try all the different earbud and earhook combinations by the way but this was the only way I managed to get a fit, be careful don’t ever plug your ears to hear music!


Once in the sound is actually quite nice. It is nice sound although I still felt slightly lacking in the bass area (I really like to hear the bass in my music) but this music was still very pleasant to listen to and I was able to exercise with no cutting out of my music. You can take calls with your earphones, and even voice dial aparantly, though I have yet to try out some functions. I also haven’t properly tested the waterproofness of these headphones. They look very solid in their constructions and they do look like they can take a splash but I haven’t tried this out yet ( I have touched them with we hands though and suffered no damage)

Overall I can still recommend these sports earphones to anybody looking for a good pair. The quality of make and even presentation is wonderful and if you get them to fit your ears (everybody’s ears are different) then all the better. It’s a shame about the Chinese language used in the earphones but if you can get along with that then they really are a great pair and as I test out the other features I will update my review.🙂 A great pair of earphones that would make a great gift for friends, family or even yourself!🙂

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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