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Review: PChero Mini Invisible Bluetooth Headset


I was sent this mini Bluetooth headset by PC Hero for free for a review.

This headset comes in a tiny brown box with a sleeve around it. Inside you have the headset itself, instructions, a usb charging cable, a note from the sellers and a very small velvet drawstring bag for the headset to fit into. The instructions are in English and German with a diagram and are easy to understand but written on a small paper and so the font is quite small.

mini-earbud1 mini-earbud2

Charging the headset is easy but the cable is very short so you have to keep this headset right next to your pc or other usb charging socket. Once charged the headset can be paired with your devices. I’ve paired it with both my laptop and phone. To pair it you press the button, the only button, and hold it until it starts flashing blue and red. Both my laptop and phone found the headset in their Bluetooth settings as ‘S530’ and pairing was instant. The headset is then paired and every time I turn it off and then back on again it is working.

This headset I tried is for the left ear. Now fitting it can be a bit tricky the first time and I’d advise taking a look at the picture above to show you which way around it should sit. The pointed tip should be pointing upwards and it is that pointed tip that hooks just slightly under that ridge in the ear. This secures it in place, although I have to say that the bud itself still felt a bit awkward in my ear. It felt a bit large for my ear and I worried about it falling out, but despite my fears it actually doesn’t and the more I’ve used it the more impressed I am with it, considering it doesn’t have any kind of rubbery/silicone bud tip at all.


The headset works well in responding to my pressing the button and I didn’t find pressing the button too awkward and it didn’t need to be pressed hard which some headsets do, leading to awkward pushing of the headset into the ear…No, this one presses easily. The sound of course all goes into just one ear but even then I can confirm that the sound was pretty good. I could sometimes feel an echo when I heard music through this (I tried playing a game on my phone while wearing this) but this may be due to the stereo sound going into one ear. The sound though was very good, clear and had a good bass and clarity, even if it was going into just one ear.

Overall I can say that this is a great little headset. I still think it could have had a better fit into the ear and it is a shame there is no adjustability with this, but overall a great headset for the left ear.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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