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Review: Mouselemur Green Bluetooth Sports Earphones


I was sent these earphones by Mouselemur for free for a review.

These earphones came packaged well but despite the careful packaging the box still incurred some damage (more a postal problem than sender problem). But nevermind it’s what’s inside the box that matters! These earphones come nicely presented along with their instructions, a usb charging cable, spare ear buds in different sizes (3 sizes in total) and spare ear hooks (2 different types in total).

The instructions come in both English and Chinese but are incredibly small to read – get the magnifying glass handy if you don’t have really good close up vision. There is a diagram though which makes it easier to understand and the instructions are simple but easy to understand and tell you everything you need to know.

mouselemur1 mouselemur2

Charging the earphones didn’t take too long and once charged you have to pair them with your music devices. This is done by pressing down on the multifunction button (MFB) on the right ear phone. Press it until the light starts flashing alternate blue and red and then find the device, strangely called T-1. The earphones paired straight away for me and I had no issues with being able to turn them off and back on again – they were always paired. I thought I’d mention that there is a voice that announces things like ‘power on’ but the voice isn’t too loud so won’t make you feel deaf when you turn the earphones on while wearing them and there is a very happy sounding American accented voice that sounds like an exaggerated accent:).

I always suggest to people to try out the different ear buds and ear hooks to get the right fit. Changing both of them wasn’t too hard for me and you’ll notice that there are two different types of ear hooks. Although I tried both types I still preferred the type that were initially attached to the earphones (I’ve shown a picture of them). I’ve also tried all the ear buds but found that for my small ears the smallest buds were the best fit. The ear hook and bud combination seemed to hold the earphones in place although strangely I didn’t have the hooks sitting where they are supposed to, instead they were just sort of outside my ears…But despite this the earphones stayed well in my ears and I was able to run very easily for a long time without them falling out:)!


Using the earphones wasn’t a problem. All the buttons responded well although the volume and next track buttons had a strange feature I’m not used to. To turn up the volume you have to long press one button and to change the track forward you have to short press the OTHER button. This isn’t a problem, just something you have to get used to if like me you prefer the volume and track UP feature to be on the same button.

So, finally the sound quality…The sound in these earphones is actually very good. There is a very nice bass and the music is clear enough to hear. I’m actually very happy with the overall sound quality, great if you like to listen to a beat while jogging. But, there is one problem with sound that I encountered. I’m not sure if it was only my pair of earphones that has this problem but for some reason the sound wasn’t in stereo. This isn’t that noticeable when just listening to music unless you pick a specific track that has a lot of individual notes on either side. I tested and retested these earphones again and again and no matter how often I repaired them they still didn’t seem to produce any stereo sound – unless it was incredibly subtle, but I tend to be good at hearing the differences in music.

I’d still recommend these earphones to anyone looking for a pair. The stereo wasn’t there but the overall sound was good and you only really notice the missing stereo if you listen out for it. The overall fit of these earphones is good for me too. And I didn’t have any annoying kinking on the cable which is a bonus for me too. Overall very good and I can recommend them.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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