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Review: HccToo MP4 Player


I was sent this MP4 player by HccToo for free for a review.

I really love this MP4 player, I just can’t get enough of it, it’s so easy to use and has so much for the price you get.
The mp4 player comes in a plain sort of plastic box with a usb cable, earphones and very plain to understand english instructions. The mp4 player is made of a great non-slip/grippy material so no chance of dropping it .


The mp4 player comes straight out of the box already half charged so you can use it straight away. Charging it though was a bit weird only because the player seemed to always show that it was fully charged when I had the usb cable connected to my laptop and every time I pulled it out it still showed a half charge. I fixed this problem by turning the mp4 player off after connected, and then back on again, each time by pressing and holding the play/pause button. Then the mp4 player is on but shows the battery charging. The manufacturer told me the full charge takes about 3-4 hours and as mine took 3 hours this seems about right.

Navigating around the mp4 player isn’t too hard and it soon becomes easy. You enter menus and options using the M button. To exit an area you also use the M button, pressing and holding for a long time will take you back to the main menu while pressing the M button quickly while in music for example will lead you back to the last menu you were in(music still playing- to turn it off pause it then exit music mode), and you can also go backwards pressing the play/pause button while in a menu. The left and right buttons obviously scroll through the menu. Don’t worry if you get lost just keep pressing the buttons it’s easy to soon get the hang of it!


There are lots of great things this mp4 player can do and I’ll go through all the options below:

MUSIC: The player comes with 2 preinstalled songs, ‘Yesterday once more’ by the carpenters I think, and Blue’s ‘All Rise’. I love this already as I love that blue song so a freebie for me🙂.
Installing your own music into the player is so easy, you connect the mp4 player via the usb cable, then just copy all of the music you want from the files on your pc/laptop and paste into the mp4 player, you don’t even have to put them in their proper folders. So easy and I had no problems. This same process goes for whatever files you have, whether it’s music, photos, e books, etc.
The pre-installed songs show up with subtitles, but the once I installed just had music bars showing. The sound quality of this little device is really great and I’ll talk more about it below. The VOL button affects the volume and when you press it you’ll see the volume number turn from white to red, this lets you adjust volume up and down with the left/right buttons.


MOVIE: You can install movie’s into here although be aware that movie’s take up a lot more data than music, there is one pre-installed demo movie of Blue’s all rise already there to give you feel of how they would look. For a small device I’m impressed with the video.


RECORD: You can record your voice which turns this mp4 player into a dictaphone too. As soon as you enter the record menu it’s ready to record and you simply press the play/pause button to start. You can pause a recording by also pressing this button and once done you press the M button and the recording is saved. There is a time limit to your recording and there is a count down on the right (it was about 36 minutes so still a lot of record time). To hear these back you have to go into the browser menu. To exit this menu press and hold M.

RADIO: Now, I didn’t realise that a pair of earphones act as an antenna but they do, and you cannot set or listen to the radio without plugging these in. Once in the radio there’s a manual tuner but if you press M once you get the menu where you can auto tune, and my mp4 player had no problems finding my local stations and setting them.🙂

PHOTOS: Again you get two photos of nature as a demo and I’ve added one just to check it out. Of course the screen is small so HD pics won’t appear so great but for such a small screen the pictures are clear enough and my photos below really don’t do justice to the colour and quality of the screen, my photos make the screen look washed out and blueish but please be reassured that the quality is much better than my camera shows.


EBOOK: I haven’t tried uploading an ebook yet, but again there is a passage of text pre-installed to help you see what the ebook would look like. Of course it doesn’t make for as easy reading as an actual e-reader, but again, to have this feature is just a bonus, and reading the text is clear if a bit small.



BROWSER: This is where all your files are saved and where you can select them and delete them. It is also where you go to listen to your recordings. To hear recordings go to the ‘record’ folder and then you can hear everything you have recorded.

TOOLS: Tools are where you can set an alarm. There are a choice of alarm sounds and you can adjust volume and when the alarm goes off but I was disappointed that I couldn’t hear the alarm sounds or volume while setting it and just had to hope it was loud enough.
There is a second choice in tools and that is a game called Bricks, which looks a lot like the game tetris🙂.


SETTINGS: Finally you have settings which is where you can adjust all sorts of settings including a choice of languages, and this list is very long including, polish, dutch, portugese, french, german,, Spanish, Russian, and plenty of others, some of which I don’t even recognise!

The sound quality of this little device is so great, for such a small thing it’s built in speaker is actually very loud, although to hear the bass better you’ll need to plug in the earphones.
The earphones themselves I’m really impressed with. I usually struggle with getting a good fit with earphones but I was surprised with how comfortable they are to wear and how they stayed in my ears. The sound quality through these earphones was also very good.
This mp4 player already boasts 8GB but it has a micro SD slot that can hold a 32GB card, which means you can really take a lot around with you in this device.


Overall I can really recommend this mp4 player to anyone who is looking for one. Compared to the prices I’ve seen on the high street this mp4 is really well priced at the moment and the quality from such a small thing is just great. The amount of features it packs in is just amazing and this has firmly become my favourite new thing. I just can’t get enough of it and am taking it around with me everywhere!🙂
I’ve been kindly given the blue option to try but with such a range of colours I can really see this being not only something you’d buy for yourself but a great gift for somebody else, and I love the fact there’s also a pink option🙂.
So again, I’d recommend this mp4 player to anyone looking for one for themselves or as a gift. Below I have taken some pictures of it, but please note that the screen quality is far better than my camera allowed.

Rating: 5/5


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