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Review: Haweel Bluetooth Sports Earphones


I was sent these earphones by Haweel for free for a review.

I can’t believe how much I love these earphones. I usually have all sorts of problems with bluetooth earphones but not this time, these are just great! The earphones come in their box along with a usb charging cable, spare ear hooks, spare ear buds in different sizes (3 pairs in total) and instructions.

The instructions come in both English and Chinese and have diagrams so are very easy to understand. Unlike a lot of instructions these days, I really like these as they come with all the information you need if you are new to bluetooth and have no problems with English spelling or grammar and are just great and informative.

The first thing you need to do when you get your earphones is to charge them up. The charging cable is a very short one and plugs into the left ear phone and then into a usb socket on either your pc or a mains usb socket. The length of the cable being so short though means that if you have this plugged in around the back of the laptop, for example, you’ll need space to place the earphones right there.
The charge only took about an hour for me and the red light turned to blue when it was done charging.

haweel-earphones1 haweel-earphones2

Before you use the ear phones it’s important to get the right fit and that is why I always advise trying different ear buds and hooks. When it comes to the ear hooks though I don’t think there’s a point in changing them as they seem to be the same size as the ones already on the earphones. The ear buds come in three sizes and I was surprised with just how quickly I managed to change them.
I needed the small ear buds and once in the ears you should get a good fit that’s both comfortable and almost seals the ears but not quite (you should never plug your ears).
I actually can’t believe how comfortable these ear phones are for me to wear. Sure after a few hours I’d still feel a bit awkward with them in (I’ve never fully liked wearing in-ear headphones at all) but compared to all the others I have tried these are some of the best fit I’ve ever had.

Pairing the ear phones to your devices is very easy. You press and hold the power button, on the right ear phone, until it is flashing red and blue and then check to see if the device ‘Haweel-801’ is visible. Click on it and select pair to pair it, all these instructions are clearly explained in the instruction leaflet🙂.
Pairing worked straight away and the voice that says things like power on, pairing, etc isn’t too loud so it didn’t deafen my ears before I started listening to music.

Changing the volume and the tracks back and forth is very easy with the button on the right earphone, however the power button which also enables you to answer calls and pause/play the music sits to the back of the earphone, towards the back of your head. Pressing this button became difficult at times and I often had to hold the earphone with one hand while pressing the button with another, otherwise I’d push the ear piece right deep into my ear, plugging it.

The quality of the music, for me, was amazing! These earphones sounded crisp, they have a great stereo sound and really did produce a really good bass which is probably due to the fact that they fitted so well in my ears. The bass quality and the general sound was so good that unlike a lot of bluetooth earphones I have tried, I really enjoyed wearing them so much that I’ve gone through whole workout sessions without taking them off – I usually have to take earphones off during workouts due to them being so uncomfortable. Of course there is never perfect comfort, I’m aware I’m wearing them, but they are so good I just can’t take a star off for that.

Overall I have really enjoyed using these earphones, and they are so far my favourite I have tried. Given their current cheap price tag too I am really impressed with how good quality you get for such a great pair of earphones. Despite the difficulty in pressing the power/multifunction button I am still awarding these a 5 stars as I really haven’t suffered any big or annoying problems with them. A great pair of earphones I can really recommend!🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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