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Review: ECTechnology Bluetooth Spots Earphones


I was sent these Bluetooth earphones by EC Technology for free for a review.

I like these earphones, they are easy to set up and the sound quality is very clear and crisp. These Bluetooth earphones come in a small box along with a usb charging cable, spare ear buds (3 pairs in total), alternate earhooks (2 pairs in total) and an instruction manual. The instruction manual is very clear to understand and comes with very clear diagrams which for me is always a bonus, not having to guess which button is which and where the usb charging cable goes. The instructions also come in multiple languages: English, German, Japanese, French, Spanish and Chinese.

The usb cable is very short, but charging up the earphones is very easy and didn’t take me too long on the first charge. The led light shows up as red when charging and turns blue when fully charged. All the buttons and the led indicator light appear on the right earphone but the charging cable is on the left earphone.

Pairing these headphones was very easy and I didn’t find any trouble at all. You simply press and hold the multifunction button until the light starts flashing between blue and red. Then select the earphones on your device and pair. My earphones were constantly recognised by my devices every time I turned them off and back on again, which is just great.
After wandering about and doing some exercise these earphones seemed to stay paired, although for some reason I still got the occasional quick pause in music which seems to happen to me with a lot of Bluetooth earphones. Perhaps its my location, but some devices seem to have this feature. There was also a lot of pausing when the earphones just paired with my laptop, although after a few seconds the sound ran smooth.

ec-technology-earphones1 ec-technology-earphones2

Now, the sound, that is probably the best feature. While I didn’t feel as much bass as I have with some earphones, I can’t fault the sound. It was crisp and clear and was so pleasant to listen to, it really gave a studio feel to the sound I was listening to (compared to some other headphones I’ve tried). Despite this quality sound I just didn’t hear as much bass as I like – I really like a lot of bass when I’m exercising, and this may well be due to the earbud fitting…

The earbuds are very easy to change. This is a real bonus for me as, if you follow some of my reviews you’ll know I’ve struggled with some earphones earbuds and changing some of them has been a real struggle…but not these. They are so quick and easy to change and I was able to test out all 3 sizes to try and get the best fit. However, try as I might I just couldn’t get a good fit. I even tried the other earhooks (which are also easy to change) but still couldn’t get a good fit. Even the smallest earbuds felt too big for my ears and as a result I kept feeling the earphones falling out. The earhooks unfortunately did nothing for me in supporting and keeping the earphones in. Although they were comfortable I couldn’t get them to sit in my ears to support the earphones. As a result of all of this I had to resort to pushing the earphones in as far as I could into my ears, this stopped them falling out, but with the smallest earbuds feeling so big it left me slightly uncomfortable and I couldn’t wear them for as long as I would like.

So, this is the main reason I have given these headphones a 4 instead of a 5. The sounds quality is amazing, the rubbery cable that sits around your neck is comfortable and doesn’t bounce everywhere (although there is a kink in a newly unwrapped pair), you can use the earphones to take calls, and if you can get a good fit then these earphones are really great. Everybody’s ears are different so just because they didn’t quite fit me, doesn’t mean they won’t fit you. Overall this is a great set of earphones that I can recommend to anyone who is really into hearing rich and clear sound, just be aware if your ears are small.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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