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Review: Stoga Uspo Bluetooth Earphones


I was sent these earphones by Stoga for a large discount for a review.

These Stoga earphones are great, the sound quality and ease of use have really impressed me. The earphones come in a lovely presentation box that already makes them feel like quality and looks like a great gift for someone. The earphones come with instructions, a usb charging cable, 3 sizes of earhook and 3 sizes of earbuds (1 pair already attached to start with).

The instructions are compact but so easy to read and there’s a diagram to show you all the buttons, I just love simple and clear instructions, it makes using the earphones so easy. Charging the earphones is simple, I have shown you a picture, there is a charging port on one of the earphones and when you plug in the other end to a pc or something, you can see a red light on the other earphone to the one that has the cable plugged in. When fully charged this red light simply goes out. My first charge only seemed to take about an hour although the instructions state it could be 1-2 hours.

uspo1 uspo2

Pairing these headphones was so easy for me. Unlike some headphones where there’s a screaming voice saying ‘power on’, which can make you go deaf, these instead just play a few blips which wasn’t so harsh on my ears. Pairing was very fast and easy, the multifunction button in the middle is pressed. Initially I kept putting the power on instead of pairing but don’t let this confuse you. If you press the button to switch the device on for just 3 seconds you will just switch the earphones on, however to pair don’t let go of the button until you see the light flashing between red and blue (about 5 or more seconds). The earphones were recognised by my devices straight away and once paired I’ve had no problems re-establishing a connection whenever I switch them on.

The earphones come with earbuds and earhooks (3 sizes of each). I actually struggled to change the earbuds, I managed to get one on after some time but it took nearly 10 minutes to change them both. I did this and later found that the original size that was attached was actually a better fit! So always test the original buds first. Changing the buds was a hassle, but once you’ve managed it you are set. Now PLEASE make sure you secure them. When I first changed them I didn’t make sure I had fitted the buds on far enough and especially so with the earhooks, this led to both things being left in my ears after I pulled out the earphones! Completely my fault and when I had attached the buds and hooks properly I didn’t have any more problems.
The buds are comfortable and fit well into the ear to make a good almost seal in the ear to make sure you hear the music properly. The earhooks I had more problems with. They are different sizes and it’s just the case of finding the ones that are suitable for your ears.
The earphones do stick out a bit and at first this extra shape meant they were falling out a bit. But this was fixed after finding the right combination of earbuds and hooks. So if you are really struggling to keep them in your ears just play around with the different hooks and buds. It will take some time but you should find the right combination to suit you.🙂


Once on and paired I started running with these on. The music quality was excellent. True stereo sound including a great bass and treble that made the music sound just like my cd player. I am big on sound and just loved listening to my music through these earphones. Another great feature of the sound was that it didn’t cut out! I’ve tried other Bluetooth headphones and struggled with some, music sometimes cutting out or pausing them resuming, but not with these! I ran, jumped, and everything else and nothing happened to the sound quality. They state the range of these stoga earphones is 10 metres. Now I didn’t try walking away that far but I was a good 5 metres away with no sound distortion and I believe that the 10 metres range is probably right.🙂

All the buttons you need hang slightly away from one of the earphones. Using these buttons is actually easier for me than pressing buttons on the actual earpiece (like with some other earphones) and the buttons are very simple, you have the multifunction button, for turning them on/off, pairing, and receiving calls, ending calls and redialing. I haven’t needed the headphones to take calls yet so I can’t comment fully on this feature but pressing the buttons is very easy. There is a built in microphone next to this button and a volume up and volume down button. All the buttons are very responsive and I love the fact that the volume buttons also allow to go to the next or previous tracks although my music shuffled up and down within one song when listening through a laptop. Again the last picture shows these buttons.


Overall I can recommend these Stoga Bluetooth earphones to anyone. The sound is fantastic, the ease of use is superb and the presentation box make for a great gift to give to friends or family. I haven’t given them the full 5 stars because of the struggle to switch earbuds and the fact that the panel with the buttons was bouncing around a lot when I was running, but if you can secure it then there’s no problem. Despite these two issues I’d still recommend these earphones to anyone!

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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