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Review: SoundPEATS M10 Earphones


I was sent these earphones by Soundpeats for free for a review.

These earphones come nicely packaged in their box along with spare ear buds in different sizes (3 pairs in total) but with no instructions, not that any are needed. The earphones are the type with a 3.5mm connector that you plug into your mp3, phone, pc, etc to listen to your music.

Getting a good fit with the ear buds is so important as you really don’t hear the bass well without it. Changing the ear buds wasn’t difficult for me and I got a good fit with the smaller buds but placing them into my ears without any pains wasn’t so good. The edge of each earphone piece, where the end of the metal is and the ear bud will begin is quite sharp and for some reason this sharpness of the edge led me to be able to feel the actual ear piece ‘scrape’ against my ear. Of course I eventually managed to fit the earphones in and once in they didn’t move about or cause any more pain, but when removing them after listening to my music did feel a bit of a relief and it is a shame that the edges weren’t smoother.

soundpeats-m101 soundpeats-m102

The sound is quite good given the price. There is a definite bass in the music and the sound is very clear but I felt there was a bit too much treble in the music. This let it down for me a bit but considering the bass and overall sound for the current price of these earphones (under £7) I do think they are a good budget option for anybody out there.

The ear phones have a microphone half way down and there is a button next to the hole. This lets you answer phone calls or end them and play and pause your music (this didn’t work on my laptop though). I also tried voice recording with this and found that holding down the button muted my voice during a recording.

Overall for a budget pair of earphones these are a good choice but be aware of the slight sharpness of the metal around the tip. It’s not sharp as if it weren’t properly finished, I just would prefer a rounder edge to my earphones.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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