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Review: Kinden Noise Isolating Earphones


I got these earphones for a large discount for a review.

These earphones come nicely set in their box along with instructions. Unfortunately the instruction booklet is entirely in Chinese and contains no diagrams and has the title ‘Guide’, so I’m not even sure if they are instructions.

These earphones are the wired kind that have a 3.5mm end to plug into any device with such a socket like your phone or an mp3 player. The earphones don’t have a change of ear bud sizes so they either fit or don’t. Luckily the initial fit for me was good, however working out how to fit thee earphones was impossible without going back to the product page and looking at the images. One of the pictures shows you how to fit the ear phones. You hook the wire around the top of your ear so the wire is heading upwards rather than straight down. You then place each ear piece into your ear and push the part closest to your face first and then the rest should slot in…Please DO look at the instruction pictures on the product page for this information.

kinden1 kinden2

Once in, the earphones did stay in, and were comfortable, at first. The fit was actually just right in terms of blocking outer sound and helping me to hear the bass, but I did have to be careful as they almost plugged my ears. The cable that hooked around the ears was annoying after a while as it just didn’t want to stay around the top of my ear and kept moving up and forwards.

The sound coming from these earphones is very good. It is actually quite a superior sound for a pair of earphones at this price. The sound is crisp and clear and doesn’t have any problems with excess treble. The bass level is there too, not at an extreme level but it is really there which for somebody like me who likes my bass is very good.

The earphones have a panel along the cable with a telephone button. I assume this is to take calls (I haven’t tested out the call feature on these earphones), I haven’t been able to use the play/pause, etc functions of this panel. I don’t know why and I have seen other reviewers mention these are possible but I haven’t managed to get these functions through using the button on this panel.

I would have happily given these earphones a 5 star rating but I started to have a problem within just half and hour of using them. After just half an hour I had to take them out. Although they were initially comfortable to wear, the part of the ear piece that points down started to really push inside my ear. My ear became very sore, very quickly and I just couldn’t keep the earphones in. I have repeatedly tried these out but the result is unfortunately always the same. I am able to wear them at first and they are very comfortable, but after about half and hour it’s just too painful.

Overall a good pair or earphones for the money, but only if they really do fit your ear shape and size.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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