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Review: Divoix DV550 Dual Driver Earphones with Detachable Cable


I was sent these earphones by Divoix for free for a review.

These really have excellent sound! The earphones come in a tin, a black tin with the DIVOIX logo embossed on the top. Inside, set into a foam are the earphones, it’s a lovely presentation but there is more. Pull the foam out of the tin (a little tricky to do as it’s really stuck in there tightly) and turn it over to reveal not three but a total of 6 spare ear buds attached inside the foam. There are also instructions. The instructions are in English with a diagram and although brief they tell you everything you need to know.


The earphones are a bit different from standard ones I’ve tried with a 3.5mm connector. For a start the cable is textured and feels a bit different, this stops it from bending easily and as a result it should tangle as easily or get knotted as mine tend to do after a while. The cable is also extremely long. when wearing the earphones I let the cable dangle all the way down and it just missed the floor.

These earphones have 7 ear bud pairs in total! Yes, 7! There are six silicone type ear bud pairs and one pair, the pair that are stuck on when you first open the tin are made of a sort of memory foam that ear plugs are made of. This memory foam is the type that you can squish and it will pop back into shape after a few seconds, giving you time to insert the earphones into your ears. The silicone ear buds actually come in three different sizes but each size has two types of ear bud. I have taken a picture below to show you the different pairs. The ones on the left are the memory foam, the ones on the right (red) are traditional ear buds and the ones in the middle are shorter in height with a sort of flap.
It is a good idea to play around with the different ear buds sizes and shapes to get your best fit and I am pleased to say that even the memory foam ear buds were quite comfortable to wear.


The earphones in general are really easy and so comfortable to wear. I didn’t feel any pain or annoying scraping which I do with some earphones and they fit so easily and quickly that I really do like wearing them.

There is a panel along the earphone wire with a button on it and a microphone hole. This allows you to take calls on your phone while listening to your music or allows you to control the music by playing/pausing, etc.

The earpieces disconnect from the wire. They can easily be clicked off and onto the wire. The reason for this is unknown to me (and please do leave a comment if anyone knows why this feature is here) but it doesn’t harm the earphones in anyway and there doesn’t seem to be any loss of sound as a result.


The sound quality from these is amazing! The sound is so clear and so crisp and yet has that deep bass I just love with my tunes. It really is the sound you get with expensive headphones with a perfect stereo and sounds that other earphones just don’t always pick up! Considering these are under £20 at their current price I easily give these a 10 for the sound.

Overall I really do love these earphones. The fact the cable is long, they have so many ear buds to choose from, changing the earbuds is easy and the sound quality is just superb! They even have a lovely tin to keep them in!. I suppose the only downside I can see to these is that it is almost impossible to put the earphones away in their tin as neatly and nicely as they were presented. But apart from that I just cannot fault these, they really are great and I can recommend them.🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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