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Review: 121AV Noise Isolating Earphones


I was sent these earphone by the seller Cherrypickelectronics for free for a review.

Wow! What can I say? These earphones are simply amazing considering their cost! These earphones come in their box along with spare ear buds in different sizes (3 pairs in total). There are no instructions inside, but you simply don’t need them; but there is some key information about the earphones on the back of the pack, if you want to read about them.

Now, I’ll be honest, when I first saw the price of the earphones I was worried that they really wouldn’t deliver. I was worried that the sound quality would really be bad but I am amazed at the quality these give. I’ll explain more about that in a moment, but first I have to mention the ear buds. It’s important that you get the right fit for your ears so play around with the different sizes and my advice is to actually listen to some music while trying the various sizes as you’ll notice that the best fit will also slightly increase the amount of bass you will hear.
Changing the ear buds isn’t too hard, you just need to really push and twist them on. Placing the earphones in your ears the right was is important to (as I’ve discovered through past attempts with a variety or earphones). The earphones shouldn’t feel uncomfortable but you should get them gently into your ears and I find that it’s not enough simply to push them into my ears but I gently hold open one ear with one hand while pushing the phones in…You’ll know when you get the right fit as the sound quality increases and they should feel comfortable (but of course never plug your ears completely!).
The earphones are simply a plug and play type with a 3.5mm pin which you plug into any such socket for example on your mp3 player.

121av1 121av2

So, onto the sound. I have to first start by saying how impressed I was with the way they seemed to create some noise cancellation, even though they don’t have that feature build it. The back of the packet does state that the ‘eartips block ambient noise’ and if you get them fitted into your ears the right way this really does seem to be true!

Now, the box also states that there is mega bass and crispy highs – sounds cute, I think they meant ‘crisp’🙂. The bass isn’t quite as great as you might think. The bass is there but it’s not as loud as you’d expect from a pair of headphones claiming a mega bass. But it’s not like the bass is missing. In fact it is there at just the right level to still be clear and nice to listen to, but without being intrusive. The crisp highs though, now that really IS true. These earphones just really delivered on the clearness of the sound. Every word of a song and every note played was very clear and satisfying to listen to without sounding tinny or like the treble was turned up, they also didn’t have that background ‘hiss’ that a strong bass can sometimes leave.

Overall the sound quality is really amazing. This pair of earphones doesn’t have the bass of some more expensive ones and so if you are looking for a really deep and loud bass I’d steer clear of this pair. But if clarity of the music is what you are after then I can really recommend this pair. Despite the lack of deep true bass I was happily listening to some dance music that had a strong beat and I could still hear every drum beat and the overall experience was really nice, in fact so nice I lost track of time listening using this pair!

I’d recommend these earphones to everyone looking for an inexpensive pair. They are certainly of a better quality than some ‘free’ head/earphones I have received with various gadgets in the past and I have been very happy with how comfortable they feel in my ears too. I even bounced around quite a bit to the music and they never fell out! A great item and at this price (under £5) I’d give it a 6 stars if I could!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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