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Review: UiiSii F108 Conch Style Earphones


I was sent these earphones by UiiSii for free for a review.

Wow, it’s not often I get to say how amazing a earphones are considering their low price. These earphones come in their box along with a second set of ear buds in clear colour (the set on the earphones themselves being black). The change of ear buds is the same size. There are no instructions but none are needed.

These earphones are the kind with the 3.5mm connector that you plug into your phone, mp3 player, etc. There is only one size of ear buds so I didn’t bother to try changing them and instead went straight to fitting them into my ears. Now, I usually struggle with earphones because I’m always in need of the smallest ear bud size and I wasn’t sure if these were going to fit. The conch design of each ear piece just looks great to me and each ear piece is curved slightly so no mistake can be made as to which is left and which is right. In case you are new to it, the ear bud itself should point towards your face.
I was amazed at the immediate fit of these ear pieces and the fact that they didn’t plug my ears and didn’t want to just fall out afterwards. I can actually say that the fit was perfect – and it’s very rare for me to say that about in-ear headphones. The design was so comfortable for me that I actually was able to keep these in my ears for a long time, I could have worn them for hours and I didn’t feel any pain or irritation the whole time.
The earphone cable had a slight kink to it which was annoying but this could smooth out with time and storing it the correct way.


Further along the cable is a small plastic panel which has two buttons. One is a push button which I don’t know what it does as it didn’t work when I tried pressing it despite using it with my android phone and mp3 player. The other button is a switch that slides left and right. This adjusts the volume. Although the switch is very small and the movement at first was more to turn the sound on or off, if you move the switch just slightly you’ll notice you can gradually increase or decrease the volume to suit the situation you are in.

The sound quality is truly amazing for me! The sound just feels perfect and I am so surprised to find such quality sound at such a cheap price! The sound is nice and clear and crisp with a very decent but not overpowering bass. It certainly felt like the sound quality of earphones and headphones that are closer to the £20 mark and that is why I am so amazed by these.

These earphones are so great they have now replaced the previous pair I was always using. The sound is so good, they are super comfortable for my ears and I really love the whole conch design so much. I can really recommend these earphones to anybody looking for earphones. For a budget price these are certainly an amazing quality!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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