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Review: Mixcder Ghost Deep Bass Bluetooth Headphones


I was sent these headphones by Mixcder for free for a review.

This is a lovely headset/headphones and I just love using them. They come in their box, nicely set in a plastic mould, under the mould come the instructions, a extra card of information, usb charging cable, 3.5mm audio cable and a drawstring bag. The instructions come in English with diagrams and are very easy to understand and cover lots of useful information. The drawstring bag that comes with the headphones is one that looks mesh in its appearance but actually has a thin layer over the whole of the inside of foam giving extra protection to your headphones. It’s a great added extra.


The headphones are easy to use and you will notice immediately that in order to wear them you will have to turn the section attached to each cup 90 degrees to have them sit in the proper way, ready to wear. Each ear cup has several buttons and functions. There is no information as to which ear cup is left or right but I can tell you that the volume controls are on the left cup with the charging port on the right.
Charging the headphones is easy but the charging port has a cover which I found a bit tricky to open. Perhaps due to my nails sliding off the port, but it’s not too difficult to open the cover. You then plug the provided usb cable into the headphones and the other end into a pc or mains usb socket. There is a small indicator light next to the microphone on the left ear cup. This shines red while it is charging.


Once charged the headphones can be paired with your devices. I paired them with my laptop and it had no trouble finding the headphones as ‘Mixcder Ghost’. Pairing the headphones was simple and you just need to press and hold down the power button on the left ear cup until the indicator light is flashing both red and blue. Once paired the light will be blue.

Using the headphone is easy, for a start they are so comfortable to wear. Adjusting them can be done by pulling out the headband a bit to adjust for bigger heads, but I didn’t need to do this. The ear cups themselves pivot a little making them easily cup around your whole ear enveloping the sound and you straight away can hear that the noise of the room you are in reduces as soon as you put them on.
There are buttons on both ear cups. On the left you have the on/off button, volume up and volume down. You also have the indicator light and a hole for the 3.5mm cable to plug into.
The right ear cup has the play/pause button, track up, track down buttons and also the microphone and the charging port.


Having the volume and track buttons separated is a big bonus for me as I simply hate having to press and hold a button to get a different function than rather just pressing once. However these buttons, though easy to use and easy to get used to, do actually take some getting used to. Some buttons have a small dot that sticks out but the buttons themselves are quite small and I don’t know of those with bigger fingers would find it harder to press the correct button. Pressing the power button while wearing the headphones was also a bit tricky as it just didn’t respond that well to this button.


The sound coming from these headphones is very good. There is a good overall sound and an amazing bass that really helped me to hear bass notes I don’t often hear with other speakers/headphones. There is also a good stereo effect. However I did feel that the higher notes lacked and there wasn’t enough treble to make these higher notes stand out. This lead to the higher notes sounding a touch muffled and although the overall sound is still very good, great in fact, I was disappointed for this price that there wasn’t a really clear sound.

The audio cable can be plugged into the left ear cup with the headphones turned off. this turns them into wired headphones which have the exact same sound quality as they have when in Bluetooth mode, and can obviously be used even if you headphones run out of charge.


The microphone function is not the best. I tried recording my own voice with these on and although they do capture sound I had to talk with a decent amount of volume in order for the headphones to pick up on what I was saying.

The overall sound of these headphones is very good and I have to say that it is the comfort and style that really make me love these. They are so comfortable to wear that I didn’t incur any ear burning or pressure to any part of my head or ears. They also look lovely, I like the general design of these and the fact that they don’t have too much weight to them. And despite the price I have to say I still love these as all the function buttons are separated. In general a very good pair of headphones, just a shame the higher notes aren’t so clear.


Rating: 5/5



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