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Review: VTin Relaxer Bluetooth Shower Speaker


I was sent this speaker by the seller VicTsing for free for a review.

This speaker is just amazing and it’s sound quality is definitely it’s best feature! The first thing you see when you get this speaker is how nicely it’s packaged. A beautiful stiff box which opens like a watch or jewellery box. And inside the speaker is sitting just like a watch in foam. It comes with a suction cap which attaches very easily to the back, a charging cable and an instruction manual.

The instructions are nice and easy to read and understand which is a bonus for me straight away. Charging the speaker is very simple, just plug in the charging cable into the speaker and then into a pc – it comes with a usb charging cable and not a mains cable, something I didn’t realise but it wasn’t a problem for me. The charge is supposed to take 5 hours and a little red light turns blue to indicate it’s done, but for some reason mine was charged in about 40 minutes instead!

Once it’s charged you press the power button for a few seconds and the speaker tries pairing with your devices. I paired it initially with my laptop as I hate the laptops own speakers and don’t always like wearing headphones. It paired with no problems and as soon as I selected the VTin speakers in my pc it was working.
Pairing also seems to be permanent with my laptop know. Every time I switch on the speaker it automatically pairs with my laptop, I don’t have to go through any issues of set up again.

When you press the fm/m button it cycles through 3 modes, pairing, fm radio and time setting. The radio is great, it automatically displays the signal you are on and you have to press 2 buttons either up or down to find the radio station you want. This is a little tougher than you think though as these two keys, when pressed quickly, affect the volume control instead, so you have to press and hold to scroll through the fm signal.

The only problem with using this feature is if you don’t know the exact frequency of your favourite station. Unlike traditional radios where you can hear the static while scrolling through, with the VTin speaker you only hear the static(or station) once you stop cycling through the frequencies and let go of the buttons. So I’d advise everyone to know the station frequency before using the fm feature. And setting the exact frequency down to the point number can be a little tricky if you’ve scrolled through a lot of numbers but it’s just a minor issue to me who is more used to the traditional static radio.🙂

Setting the time is very easy. Instuctions are very clear and pressing the relavant buttons is easy, it’s really very quick and the same almost as setting the fm frequency.

Like I said before, attaching this is not difficult and it really is good at keeping a grip on whatever surface it’s attached to. I’ve had a few things in life that had suction caps that fell off, that felt too plastic and not rubbery enough to hold but this cap really is good. I just placed the speaker on the table when I’d just put the cap on (hadn’t even pressed in down) and it got stuck to the table, I couldn’t pull it off! I have tested this again and it really does keep a grip so no need to worry about your speaker falling off the wall.🙂

I’ve left the best part till last! It’s the sound quality of this tiny little thing. The size of the speaker is so small for the crisp and loud sound you get. I couldn’t believe that this little speaker that fit into the palm of my hand was such good quality!

I love playing pc and video games so for me sound is so important and I always notice when speakers haven’t got enough bass in them, or so much high toned treble that they sound tinny and unreal. But this speaker is so amazing! The bass quality is so strong you can actually feel the bass if you hold the speaker in your hands. The bass is so good and the general quality of the sound you are getting is amazing. And if you play with the volume on full it is really so very loud. This little speaker is simply superb and the sound is so amazing I really didn’t expect it.

The only feature I haven’t yet tested is the call function. Paired to your phone you should be able to take a call on this speaker but I haven’t tried this out yet. The other features are all great though.

This speaker sounds amazing, can hang on the wall with no risk of falling, can handle water (I haven’t exactly splashed it with water but handled it with wet hands) and has a great all-round quality feel to it.
Each functions is easy to use, a nice loud voice tells you what it’s doing (such as ‘power on’ or ‘pairing’) and the display is nice and clear, even saying hi when you just switch it on! It’s just so easy to use.

I haven’t tested the full range of 10m that it claims, but around my home I’ve had no problems with the signal and the sound came out continuously wherever I took the speaker.

The 8h battery life doesn’t seem to last so long and perhaps it’s because it’s up to 8 hours rather than a solid 8. Bit with the sound on full volume I’ve still go a decent set of hours out of the speaker. Can’t remember exactly how long it lasted in full but it only displayed a half charge after 3 hours of play time. It still went on for a good long time though.

I’d really recommend this speaker to anyone. It would make a great gadget gift for family, friends or even for yourself. It feels like quality and sounds just amazing. Really recommend!

Rating: 5/5



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