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Review: VicTsing Camouflage Bluetooth Shower Speaker


I was sent this shower speaker for free for a review.

I really like this speaker, because the quality you get is amazing for the price. You get this portable Bluetooth speaker in a plastic box along with a usb charging cable and instructions. The instructions come in English, French and Spanish and also contain diagrams and are some of the easiest instructions I have come across.

Taking the speaker out of its plastic box is the only tough thing to do as mine sat wedged in and I really had to tip the box upside down and give it a good shake.🙂 The first step is to charge your speaker and this was very easy to do and didn’t take too long. A red button appears while charging and disappears when its fully charged. All the lights appear behind the grey area where the buttons are and are very easy to see.

Once charged you turn the speaker on. Press and hold the on/off button to get it to pair. It makes some nice blip noises and a big purple light flashes. Pairing was very easy, and my devices found the speaker easily. I actually prefer this form of pairing than some where a voice screams out ‘paring’ or something like that. Once paired a blue light is always flashing to indicate the connection, and the great thing is that if I turn the speaker off and back on again it is always paired.

shower-speaker1 shower-speaker2

The great thing about this speaker is the quality of the sound you get for the price. The sound is crisp and there is a bass (though not as strong as some speakers) its still a good bass and sounds very good, unless you compare it directly with another expensive speaker I think anyone would be happy with the sound.

The buttons are all very easy to use. You can play/pause music, forward and back tracks as well as turning the volume up and down (although these buttons don’t seem to work with my laptop playing music. There is another button that allows you to also take calls although I haven’t tried out this feature yet. The buttons are all rubbery but you can feel an individual blob-like button underneath.

The speaker is waterproof and can be used in the shower, although you don’t just need to use it in the shower, I have taken this speaker out and about with me just to have a speaker to listen to my music. It’s very lightweight, and I mean really lightweight, so far the lightest Bluetooth speaker I have had. I have handled the speaker with wet hands although I haven’t tried out the full waterproofness yet. The speaker comes with a suction cup attached, and it’s one of those really good rubbery suction cups that really does stick as long as you do push the speaker against the surface well.

I can really recommend this speaker to anyone who is looking for a Bluetooth speaker and especially a budget model. The design is nice, and not just for guys although I can see a lot of boys and some men enjoying the fun army colour. The speaker is so easy to use and so fun. It’s so light and so easy to take anywhere with you. The sound is really very good for the price. I’d recommend this speaker for those really looking for a budget speaker with quality. If you are looking for an improved bass sound and are willing to spend more money then I can recommend the VTIN Relaxer. It’s a very similar shower speaker by the same company, but has an improved bass and also features FM radio. But I still have to emphasise that the bass in this speaker is really good and I am very happy to recommend this to anyone.🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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