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Review: True Blue – The Best of Sonic the Hedgehog part 1


This is an amazing collection of songs and music from the Sonic games and shows. I’ll give you the track list first and then a brief review:

1.”Live and Learn” – Theme of Sonic Adventure 2
2.”It Doesn’t Matter – Theme of Sonic in SA2-Sonic Adventure 2
3.”Escape from the City” – First level music of SA2
4.”His World” – Theme music from Sonic the Hedgehog ’06
5.”Super Sonic Racing” – level music from Sonic R
6.”Sonic – You Can Do Anything” – Music from Japanese version of Sonic CD
7.”Sonic Boom” – Theme to sonic CD I believe it’s the American version
8.”Sonic Speed Riders” – Theme of heroes story of Sonic Riders
9.”Race to Win” – I think this comes from a PSP sonic game-not sure which will find out
10.”Sonic X Theme” – from the tv series Sonic X
11.”Right There, Ride On” – Sonic Rush music
12.”Sonic Heroes” – Theme to Sonic heroes
13.”What I’m Made Of…” – Music from final boss level of sonic heroes
14.”Seven Rings in Hand” – Theme of Sonic and the Secret Rings
15.”His World – Remix by zebrahead
16.”It Doesn’t Matter – Sonic’s theme music in Sonic Adventure
17.”Open Your Heart” – Theme music of Sonic Adventure
18.”A New Venture -Sonic Rush Adventure theme music
19.”Angel Island Zone – A newer version from Sonic 3
20.”Seven Rings in Hand – Crush 40 version
21.”Open Your Heart – remix by crush 40 featuring bently jones

First off I’d like to comment on a few tracks. 15 is a faster remixed version of his world. And 19 is just like listening to Angel Island zone but you really hear the guitar!

This is an excellent selection of music from the sonic games. I’d really advise people to give the remixes a go too, don’t be prejudiced against them. I actually really like the crush 40 version of seven rings in hand, and the remix of open you heart has become my favourite version of this song.

This CD also comes with all the lyrics both in english and Japanese. And for anyone who likes this album I’d really recommend part 2, the album is called True Colors and is the second in this 2-part set.

Some of the tracks are very short such as the Sonic X theme, but with such a variety or tacks this really is a must have for anyone who loves the music that Sonic games have come known for. I really recommend this CD!🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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