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Review: Stoga 3 in 1 Diamond Bluetooth Speaker


I got this Bluetooth speaker by Stoga for a big discount for a review.

This is a lovely Bluetooth speaker with an interesting colour changing ball which is just fun to look at even without the added music! The speaker comes in its box along with a usb/audio cable, instructions and a remote control. The speaker is nicely packed in the box and you have to pull out the entire plastic holder of the speaker to access the remote.

The instructions come in both English and Chinese but have diagrams and are very easy to understand so no problems there. The back of the speaker at the bottom is where all the connections are. Here you have a micro usb port, the ON/OFF switch and a tf card slot where you can put in a tf/microsd card with you music on it.

sd1 sd2

The speaker needs to be charged when you first get it, although there is some battery when you first get it, I always start by charging my devices to full. The micro usb cable is plugged into the back of the speaker with the usb end plugged into either your pc or a usb power socket. There is a red light that shines when charging, right next to where the cable is plugged in and goes out when it is fully charged. The instructions state that a full charge needs 5 hours! Mine took 3 and a half.


Once the speaker is charged you have to turn it on to use it. Now be very careful that it’s not the middle of the night or somewhere you have to be quiet because the voice of the woman screams out ‘The device is ready to pair’ This is really loud, so loud in fact I had to put both my palms over either side of the speaker (where the sound comes out) just to quieten her down a bit! I paired with my laptop and the pairing was very quick and easy. Again, once paired the voice (which does have a Chinese accent) blares out ‘The Bluetooth device is connected successfully’ so be aware of that again.


The remote control is how you operate the speaker. Turning on the speaker at the ON/OFF switch will turn on the light show and regardless of whether you pair the speaker or not you can have fun with the lights. But to change any settings with the lights you have to use the remote. The remote is nice and small and light. It uses one CR2025 battery which luckily comes with the, ready to use🙂. The remote has lots of functions, the instruction leaflet will explain all the various features. You can change the volume up, down or mute the speaker. You can go back a track, forwards or pause the music. There is one button to switch to line in (more on that in a moment), and all the other buttons apart from the on/off are to do with the lights.
Arrow buttons scroll through the various light colours (I’ve taken pictures below). These buttons just scroll through solid colours. There are two other buttons that can create other more rainbow like light patterns. There’s also another button called ‘gradual mode pause’ which affects the lights but I really don’t understand how, it just seems to morph the light in different patterns.
The last three buttons I have to mention adjust the brightness. One button turns off the light completely, but not the sound. Another button turns on the brightness and goes from low to very bright. The last button is supposed to dim the light…But this light just doesn’t work for me. In order to dim the light I have to turn it off first and then make it brighter. A bit annoying but not the end of the world.


The speaker can play both Bluetooth and also be connected to anything with a 3.5mm audio port. The usb cable breaks into two parts and you plug in the audio (3.5mm) part into any mp3 player, pc, etc. Once you’ve done this you have to press the button on the remote or it won’t recognise you’ve turned to audio in mode.
BUT…There IS a problem with this mode. The sound quality just felt diminished in this mode. Not only was the sound quieter than the Bluetooth, but it was also cutting out during more bass moments in the song I had. It’s not like it cut out completely and only happened a couple of times during the whole song but it was noticeable to me.

The speaker sound in Bluetooth mode is really crisp and clear. It’s got a good quality sound and a nice bass. The speaker is also in stereo! It has speaker holes coming out of both sides and I actually tested the stereo with a song that I know plays different notes on either side. It is a great stereo and a good sound, although because the holes are a touch round the back you have to turn up the volume to hear it at the same level that you would with a speaker that was pushing noise out of the front.


The speaker can play TF/MicroSD cards, but I haven’t tried this feature yet so can’t comment.

Overall I am happy with the speaker. The light show is just fun and quite mesmerising when you leave it on the rainbow-like setting. The sound in Bluetooth mode is very good. I’ll forgive the one button not working and the fact that there is a bit of an electronic hiss when the lights are on (would perhaps only bother those with sensitive hearing in a quiet room). But the reasons I give it a 4 rather than 5 stars is that I’m just a bit disappointed with the line in(3.5mm audio cable) mode, given its current price too. But if you don’t plan to use this mode then this makes a lovely speaker for any home. I’d still recommend this speaker to anyone looking for something a bit different and something you can look at as well as listen to.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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