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Review: Ecandy Bluetooth Speaker with Light


I was sent this speaker by Ecandy for free for a review.

This speaker comes in its box along with a usb cable for both charging and audio, and instructions. The instructions are in English and are easy to understand but do not go into enough detail, for example there is nothing about the radio function of this speaker.

The first thing you need to do is charge the speaker. You plug the micro usb end of the cable into the speaker and the usb part into any usb charging socket. A red light will appear on the front inside the speaker grill to show it is charging.

ecandy1 ecandy2

Once it is charged you can use it. There is a switch on the back of the speaker next to the micro usb marked on/off. As soon as the speaker turns on a loud voice with a Chinese accent shouts out that the Bluetooth device is pairing and again when connected this voice shouts that out as well. My devices found the speaker quickly with no problems as ‘ECANDY’ and now the speaker has been paired it is always paired even if I turn it off and back on again.


There are four buttons on the top of the speaker. The first is an M. This button can be long pressed to turn on or off the lights. Press this button quickly to switch into different modes, the first default is always Bluetooth, then radio, then aux audio input. I will go into detail about these In a moment.
The next two buttons are the track/volume buttons. Press quickly to select the next track forwards or backwards or press and hold to turn the volume up or down. The last button is the play/pause button.

The radio mode – You need to plug in the usb cable into the back of the speaker. This acts as an antenna for the radio signal. You then have to press the track/volume buttons repeatedly to move the radio setting up and down. This can become tedious especially as there is no indicator on the speaker as to which part of the FM band you are in. You also have to move the cable around for the best signal. when I finally did find a radio station, keeping the signal depended very much on where I placed the cable.


Aux audio mode – You don’t need to use the Bluetooth function of this speaker. With the usb cable plugged into the back, use the 3.5mm end and plug it into any mp3 player or device with that socket. You can then listen to music and sound that way.

There is a tf or micro sd card slot on the back of the speaker and although I haven’t tried this feature I believe that once it is pushed into the speaker you either go straight to your micro sd card or have to press the M button to enter that mode to listen to your music from that. (This is how this feature works on other speakers I’ve tried) There is also a regular usb slot on the back too, I haven’t tried using this either.


So, the lights are what get you when you first see this speaker. It is certainly a new feature I wasn’t expecting. Four sets of lights, blue at the base, then green, yellow and red on the top. The speaker in aux audio mode just plays these colours at a set pattern, however in Bluetooth mode the effect is very different. The lights are in four columns with the base lights always lighting up and the others lighting upwards depending on the strength of the music. The lights basically come on according to the music you are listening to. The effect is quite good although sometimes I have to say it felt a bit too much as I listened to some dance tracks.


The sound quality is what really lets down this speaker though. I held it up to check if there is any stereo and there isn’t. But the sound doesn’t come from the whole speaker, it seems to come from the left side only (or at least the vocals did). The sound is okay but it is definitely lacking in bass. If you are looking for a speaker with simple sound then it’s still worth getting but with a slight tinny and bassless sound I was a bit disappointed.

Overall I still give this a 4 stars though. For a budget speaker there are a lot of good functions and the sound isn’t terrible, just lacking in that bass.


Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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