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Review: Doeracil Bluetooth Vivid Jar Speaker


I was sent this Bluetooth speaker by Doeracil for free for a review.

This is an interesting little speaker. It comes in its box along with instructions and a usb cable that has a split end, one for charging and the other with a 3.5mm audio end. The instructions are in English with diagrams and they are very easy to understand.

The first thing to do is charge the speaker. You do this by plugging in the micro usb cable into the port on the side of the speaker. Then use the usb end to plug this into any charging port. The light on the front of the speaker, next to the on/off button will light up red while charging.

jarspeaker1 jarspeaker2

Once the speaker is charged it needs to be paired to use as a Bluetooth speaker. You do this by simply moving the switch to ON. The speaker will sound a few blips (which are far more pleasant than a voice shouting pairing) and then appear on your devices as ‘Vivid Jar’. The speaker paired easily and now it is always paired with my devices whenever I turn it off and back on again.

The speaker has several buttons/inputs. There are three buttons that affect the music you listen to. The play/pause obviously plays or pauses your music if pressed once, quickly. It is also the mode (M) button so if you press and hold the button you change the mode – more on this in the next paragraph.
The minus/plus buttons pressed once quickly will select a track backwards or forwards. If these buttons are pressed and held then the volume will go down and up.
The next button along from these, after the microphone hole, is the light button. To activate the jars lights you press and hold this button. Press and hold again to turn the lights off and press quickly to cycle through the different types of lights – more on this in a moment.
The next button is the ON/OFF followed by the indicator light and two open ports. The first is the micro usb port for the cable provided and the other is called ‘TF’ but this is a micro sd card slot to allow you to listen to your music this way (I haven’t tried this feature).


Modes. To enter a different mode press and hold the M(playpause) button:
The first mode the speaker always turns on into is Bluetooth mode.
The second mode is apparently TF or micro sd card mode but this is skipped if you don’t have a card inserted into the slot.
The third mode is FM radio. After you enter FM radio mode you press the play/pause button once and the speaker will automatically search for all available stations. I do believe it does matter where you hold the speaker in your home as to whether it can pick up on any radio stations in this mode. Once it has found all stations you can change them by pressing the left and right (plus and minus) buttons quickly. I had trouble finding stations that were anything more than static but I did try the speaker in an area which does have trouble finding FM signals.
The last mode is the Aux in mode which uses the micro usb cable plugged into the speaker and the 3.5mm audio end plugged into any device with that port such as your phone or mp3 player.


Lights. To turn the lights on or off long press the light button. To change the light type short press this same button:
There are 4 different light modes. I have taken pictures of these in order. The first is a simple and pleasant light blue coloured light that looks nice and isn’t harsh on the eyes.
The second light mode adds a blue light but this blue light for me is incredibly bright, to the point that I have to look away as I could get a headache. It somehow overpowers the other light, but if you like bright you’ll like this.
The third mode is the lights flashing in time with the music. While this isn’t perfectly synched, it is a nice effect and looks better to me than lights just on.
The forth light mode is a strange one. It is called a ‘breathing effect’ and the lights are supposed to slowly turn on and then fade away. However a few times when I’ve used the lights in Bluetooth mode (and this only happens in Bluetooth not aux in mode) the music has slowed down to follow the slower light effect. Consequently the music then sped up to too fast when I turned the lights back to mode 1. It hasn’t happened every time, but something to be aware of if you buy this jar speaker.


The sound quality of this speaker is very good. Everything is in proportion. There is a clear bass though it isn’t as strong as some may like, but it is strong enough to be part of the music. There is no shocking trebled music, in fact the sound is just clear and crisp and right to my ears. It’s a very nice sound and whatever music I put on I’ve been very happy with the sound quality.

This speaker has the ability to take phone calls but I did not try out this feature. Overall I think this is a great speaker and at under £20 it’s a great price considering what you get for your money. The overall look of the lights (apart from mode 1) is a bit too bright for my eyes but the sound quality of this little speaker is very good and that makes me give it 5 stars.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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