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Review: DBPower IPX5 Waterproof Outdoor Speaker


I was sent this speaker by DB Power for free for a review.

This speaker’s sound is amazing! And it has a super crazy bass – just amazing!
This speaker comes in a simple looking white box, but the box itself is that type that opens like a jewellery box, the lid coming off revealing the speaker, and underneath a piece of cardboard are the instructions, a usb charging cable, a 3.5mm audio cable and a clip to attach the speaker to your bag for example. The box is very sturdy.

The speaker itself is a nice size and has that slightly rubbery feel all over. It does have that rugged feel to it, as if it can withstand a good amount of knocking, and because of all the rubbery keys it looks like it can take a good splashing of water although I’ve only handled it with wet hands and not dunked it in water. The speaker is very heavy though so be ready for that.

db-speaker1 db-speaker2

The instructions that come with the speaker are very clear to understand and have diagrams which make it that much easier to understand. The instructions are in English and also in German and Italian. Charging the speaker is easy. You open up a rubbery flap marked with the small words USB and TF. I’ve left pictures to show you. The micro usb cable plugs into the top socket and then into a computer or mains usb to charge. The charging took me about an hour and while charging there is a small light next to the usb cable that shines red, this goes out when fully charged. The first charge took about an hour for me.

Using the speaker is so easy, but beware of the super loud male voice that bellows out ‘Bluetooth mode….Ready for pairing’ and when paired ‘Connected’. I was in a quiet room at the time I first put this on and this voice stunned me a bit🙂. The speaker was paired very quickly and easily with my devices.


The speaker can either play as a Bluetooth speaker or if you use the 3.5mm audio cable you can plug it into your mp3, pc, anything with that 3.5mm connection. The instructions state two ways to switch into AUX (rather than Bluetooth mode) but I tried both methods and only the second one works for me. I have to turn on Bluetooth mode first, then plug in the AUX cable and then the voice bellows ‘Audio mode’. Plugging in the cable before turning on the speaker and pressing a button had no effect and my speaker stayed firmly stuck in Bluetooth mode. So use method 2 of the instructions.

Below the micro usb socket in the speaker there is something called a TF slot. This lets you use a TF card or micro SD card. I haven’t tried this feature myself yet, but it’s another great way to listen to your music without having to pair it to another device.


Oh the sound! How amazing it is! I’ve always valued the sound, perhaps because I love computer playing games so much I’ve just always valued a good bass and a loud sound and this speaker really didn’t disappoint. In fact I think it’s the best speaker for sound that I’ve tried so far. The volume can get incredibly loud without distorting and the whole sound is nice and clear. But for me the best feature is the bass! The bass is so amazingly good that when I placed the speaker on my table I felt the whole table vibrating, the whole room filled with the great bass and sound, something I haven’t yet seen in such a small Bluetooth speaker yet. It really makes this speaker so worth the money. The speaker vibrations can still be felt when you just hold the thing and the louder the speaker gets the better the bass quality. I really found myself able to immerse myself in the music even though this is just a small speaker and not in stereo.

I’d really recommend this speaker to anyone looking for one. It’s very portable, the clip it comes with can easily attach to any bag or even can be used to hang it up somewhere. It is very sturdy but quite heavy for its size. But if you are really into having super bass sound without wanting a big speaker then this is definitely worth getting. A great item I can really recommend!🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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