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Review: DBPower BX-900 Bluetooth Speaker


I was sent this speaker by DB Power for free for a review.

This Bluetooth speaker comes in its box along with a usb charging cable, a 3.5mm audio cable, and instructions. The instructions are in English, German, Italian, French and Spanish. They contain a diagram of all the buttons and are easy to understand but aren’t too detailed about certain things I will explain in this review.

The speaker itself is a bit big but this usually means there’s going to be excellent sound. Charging the speaker took about an hour and a half and is done by plugging the usb charging cable into the back of the speaker and the other end into your pc or other usb charging socket. There is a red light that is on when charging and goes out when it has finished. Both the red and blue lights that show up when using the speaker are on the front, inside the mesh.

bx1 bx2

Once charged the speaker can be paired. You have to turn it on but instead of having to press and hold a button down like many Bluetooth speakers today, this simply has an on/ off switch on the back. Just push the knob to on and wait. The speaker will show up as ‘BX-900’ on your devices and pairs easily and quickly. After that every time you turn on the speaker it will automatically be connected to whatever device you used.
A great feature of this turn on/off and pairing for me is the fact that there is simply a few blips and not an annoying voice. Although the blip noise is loud, I personally hate it when a speaker screams out ‘pairing’.

Using the speaker is easy, there are buttons on the top of the speaker which press down with a satisfying click so you know you’ve pressed them. There’s a mode button which switches between Bluetooth, micro SD, and FM radio, forward and backwards buttons which you press quickly once to go back and forth with tracks or press and hold to change the volume up or down. The last button is the play/pause and call button. While paired to your phone you can take incoming calls (I haven’t used this feature though so don’t know how good it is).


The sound quality of this speaker is simply amazing! It is true stereo, which I have tested by closing my eyes and really hearing the sound. Not only the stereo is there but it also has excellent sound, good and clear and of course with an excellent bass. In fact the sound is so good I liken it to a pair of very decent pair of pc speakers I have and I really enjoyed listening to my music with this speaker.

I haven’t tested the micro SD option, which plugs into the back of the speaker slot marked ‘TF’ and the radio hasn’t worked for me. I have tried to work the radio but unfortunately I really don’t know what has happened. The problem with this feature is that the speaker instructions state I need to plug in the usb cable to act as an antenna – this I did- but the other problem is that when trying to change the mode to change to the radio I simply couldn’t get there and the instructions state nothing else about the radio functions so I’m at a loss as to how to get it or even if it does work. All that pressing the mode button did was to reset it to Bluetooth mode.


Plugging in the 3.5mm audio cable allows you to use this speaker with any device that has a 3.5mm audio out put such as an mp3 player or a pc. Plugging in the cable into my laptop immediately changed the speaker to the AUX mode rather than Bluetooth mode, but be careful with the cable, if you try to move the speaker around while it is plugged in you can get a crackling effect until you stop touching the cable.

Overall this is a really good speaker and I give the sound more than 5 out of 5! But it is just because I have no idea how to access the FM radio mode (despite pressing the mode button over and over) and the lack of help from the instructions that I give this one less star.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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