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Review: August MS425 Bluetooth Speaker


I got this speaker by August for a discount for a review.

This small speaker really has a great sound. This August speaker comes in its box, nicely packaged, along with instructions, a usb charging cable and a 3.5mm audio cable.

The instruction booklet comes in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish and is very easy to understand (in English) with good diagrams explaining all its functions. Charging up the speaker is the first thing you do. This was very easy and didn’t take me very long. There are two LED lights on the speaker, one on the front and another on the back. You will see the one on the back is right next to the usb charging cable port (it looks like a hole) and it will light up red when charging and go out when it is done.

august-speaker1 august-speaker2

The next step for this speaker is pairing. Pairing is very easy and you simply hold down the on/off button which is on the side of the speaker – between the volume control and the play/forwards/backwards buttons. You have to press and keep hold of the button for quite a bit. If you let go before it enters pairing mode you will simply turn the speaker on instead. The blue LED light flashes very fast when it is pairing and then at a slow rate when the speaker is paired. The speaker showed up as ‘MS425’ on my laptop when I paired it and after it is paired it always re-pairs with my devices whenever I turn it off and back on again🙂.

Now, before you play any music you will notice that when you first open up the box there is a warning sticker on the lid that advises you to play the speaker at low volume for the first 30 minutes to calibrate its membrane for optimum performance. Whether or not this has a significant effect on the speaker is a mystery to me, but I did take the advice and play at low volume for a bit.


So sound quality?…
Amazing! This little speaker is very small but you really do feel a weight to it and I do believe that there’s something about that weight that gives this such excellent sound. The music that came out is incredibly crisp. It doesn’t sound distorted, there’s no excessive treble used, but it is a nice crisp sound. And there is a good strong bass, enough of a bass to make my kitchen table vibrate a bit at higher volumes🙂.
The overall sound quality is absolutely amazing given the budget price of this speaker and I have heard such good quality but for a much higher price tag!

There are buttons on the front of the speaker to play or pause the music as well as move forwards or backwards in tracks. There is also a clever volume button which is just a turning dial. I actually prefer this type of volume button. Most speakers I’ve tried need you to press the forward/backwards buttons to change the volume but this can sometimes be fiddly and you don’t always get to adjust the volume to the exact loudness you want. But this turn dial gives you complete control at an instance.


The speaker also has a line in option. This is great if you want to plug it into your mp3 player for example, or if like me you don’t always want a Bluetooth speaker. I tried this line in method using the 3.5mm audio cable. There was no sound difference from line in to Bluetooth and the sound was just great again (although in mono rather than stereo of course). When the speaker is connected via line in the usual blue LED light on the front turns into a static red one.

This speaker can also take calls if you pair it with your phone but I haven’t tried this function out yet so cannot comment on this feature.

Overall I can really recommend this speaker. The whole easy of use of the speaker is lovely. I love the fact that when connecting and disconnecting the Bluetooth it only ever sounds out blips, not some loud voice screaming out ‘pairing’ or ‘connected’!
The sound quality is this speaker’s best feature though and I cannot believe how lovely and rich the sound is (and how good a bass you get) with such a low price tag! A great speaker I can really recommend!🙂

Rating: 5/5



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