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Review: Westonetek 500ml Aroma Diffuser


I was sent this aroma diffuser by Westonetek for free for a review.

This aroma diffuser comes in a plain brown box along with instructions a measuring jug and plug. The plug and jug are cleverly hidden inside the diffuser so you just need to lift the lid off to see them. The instructions are in English and are easy to understand with diagrams to make it even easier.

I really love this aroma diffuser. Having tried many in the past I love this one because it is 500ml (will last much longer) and the lid is easy to open, no turning or twisting, you just open the lid by lifting it up. The aroma diffuser is easy to use. First you plug the mains power cable into the bottom and there’s a small notch there to help keep the cable in place and then plug this into a socket. To use the diffuser just lift the lid right off and then pour in the water using the measuring jug. You can fill this up to 500ml but you can use less water, just follow the guide so you don’t overfill it.
After adding the water add two or three drops of your favourite essential oil and replace the lid. Make sure that the hole in the lid lines up with where it says ‘Air Outlet’ on the diffuser.

On the front of the diffuser there are three buttons. The first is light, this will activate the light regardless of whether you turn on the mist function. The first button press will turn on a slowly changing light. This light will morph slowly into different colours, if there’s a colour you like and you want the diffuser to stay on that colour just press the light button again. The next button press will activate the different colours, there are a lot (and each colour has a low light, and brighter light version) and this is the order they appear in with each button press: red, bright red, green, bright green, yellow, bright yellow, blue, bright blue, pink, bright pink, turquoise, bright turquoise, white, bright white. Another button press of the ‘light’ button turns the light off.
The next button on the diffuser is the HIGH/LOW button. This changes the intensity of the mist and you can see and feel a slight difference with how strong the mist is, but interestingly for me at lease, when I push the button and hear one beep, the mist seems to be strong, when pressing the bottom and hearing two beeps, the mist seems to be weaker.
The third button is the MIST button. This turns on the mist feature. As soon as you turn the mist feature on you will notice that a light near the buttons comes on above one of the numbers. These numbers show how long the diffuser will stay on for, the options are: 60, 120, 180, ON. ON will leave the diffuser on until it runs out of water.

The mist that comes out is lovely. It’s like the mist from a humidifier and indeed this thing can be used as a humidifier if you don’t put any essential oils in. But if you do add essential oils this produces a lovely smelling mist. Essential oils are usually too strong for me and I’ve tried using them in an oil burner and they are still too strong for me, but mixed into the water and turned into a mist the scent is nothing like the strong essential oil. It still has the scent of whatever you used such as orange or lavender oil, but the scent is milder and just wonderful as it fills the room.
The sound from the diffuser is very quiet and you only notice it if the room is very quiet.

Cleaning the aroma diffuser is easy, far easier than other diffusers. Because of the shape it’s very easy but you have to be careful to follow the instructions and pour the water out the correct side or you can fry the electronics and you also have to be careful to not scrape at the small indented part of the diffuser, this is the plate that vibrates to create a mist and it can be easily damaged if you are not careful.

Overall I really do like this diffuser. The colours are great and there are many of them, the mist function works well although I would have preferred there to be a lower intensity of mist and the only other negative is that every time you go to press a button there is a loud beep. But apart from that this is a great diffuser I can recommend🙂.


Review published on amazon UK, click here


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