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Review: VicTsing Aroma Diffuser


I was sent this aroma diffuser by VicTsing for free for a review.

I like this diffuser/humidifier. I’ll start by saying straight away that I have the version that looks like a big white candle standing (just in case there’s any confusion as a lot of reviews for different versions seem to be all together here). It’s exactly the reason that it looks like a big white candle that I like this thing. I’ve always liked relaxing with essential oils and scented candles and so this was a joy to open up and use.

The box it comes in makes it look like a quality product. Inside you get the humidifier, a mains cable, a measuring jug and the instruction manual. Straight away I will have to say that the instruction manual is not the best I’ve read. It’s a square booklet and although easy enough to understand what the instructions are, and there are pictures to help too, I think it could have been written a little simpler, with less wording; plus the writing is a touch small so if you have trouble reading you’ll need to get your glasses out. It’s not that bad though, just a minor niggle of mine.

The Aroma diffuser itself is very easy to use. You turn the top anti clockwise off and fill the inside with water using the measuring jug. You then add 2-3 drops of essential oil and replace the lid of the diffuser being careful not to spill it. The diffuser is easy enough to open but with my smaller hands I did have to stretch my hand quite a bit to open it up, but again, it really isn’t a big problem.

The best part comes next, turning it on. I’ve had humidifiers before and am used to the mist coming out but this was a lovely change. Instead of just a mist of water a lovely orange scent came out. I was a bit cautious in how much oil I put in and didn’t put enough at first so I didn’t get the scent but after I added a touch more it really did create a lovely orange smell in the room.
The great thing for me is that this scent produced wasn’t too powerful. I have a very sensitive sense of smell and despite enjoying burning oils and fragranced candles, sometimes the smell of this can be so overpowering and I have to put them out. But not so with this diffuser. The scent was strong enough to smell, but not strong enough to choke and so it really makes having essential oils so much more enjoyable.

That’s not the end of it though. Pressing the mist button will set the timer function and you can scroll though how long to leave it going, but the LED button, now that button can create a lovely mood. You can leave the diffuser working as it is, just looking like a white candle, or you can turn on the led light. Pressing this button again will scroll through the different colours of led light: white, red, green, blue and each light can either be bright or dim (another press of this button will turn any light off).
Personally I enjoyed the dim lights more than the bright ones, and if you enjoy watching the vapour come out of the diffuser it is much easier to see it with a light turned on.

I think another great feature to point out is how easy this is to clean. I own a humidifier that has quite a closed water holder which makes it impossible to clean, but this thing is truly easy. You have to watch out and read the instructions carefully BEFORE cleaning it so you don’t pour water into the electric part of the diffuser or damage the ultrasonic vibrating part but it really is easy to do and just made the whole experience for me more enjoyable.

One more point-This diffuser doesn’t have to be used with essential oils all the time. Although that is it’s main function, I have used it a few times for a quick burst of mist when the air feels a little dry. It can be used as a personal humidifier as well as an aroma diffuser.

I’d recommend this diffuser to anybody. It would make a great gift, it’s well packaged and the outer box looks nice, not a plain box. It really does make the space around it smell lovely and calming. The way it looks, like a big candle, lends to the whole atmosphere as to me it just seems like I’m burning a scented candle. It’s operation is so quiet that I had forgotten it was on. And with the choice of mood lighting, it really does make an excellent gift for family, friends or even yourself! I’d really recommend this, it just feels like a lovely quality item.🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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