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Review: VicTsing 2 in 1 Clip-on Fisheye & Macro Phone Lens


I was sent this lens by VicTsing for free for a review.

This 2 in 1 phone lens cones in a nice box. The lens itself is sitting in foam. It comes with the clip, an instruction card and a soft material drawstring bag to keep it in. The instruction card is a small card in English with some diagrams to show you how to attach the lens to the phone, however this is very easy to do even without the instruction card.


The lens has a macro lens or a fish eye lens. When you take it out of the box you have the entire lens screwed together. You take off the outer covers and attach this to the clip by screwing the two together. This is now a fish eye lens. Clipping it onto my phone was very easy and I was instantly met with that typical fish eye curved image which is fun. I found it fun to take shots of an animals face with the nose all zoomed in and the rest of the face and image curving outward, a lot of fun!


To get the macro lens you have to detach the fish eye lens. The macro lens is marked on the side and you will soon see you can unscrew most of the lens to reveal a macro lens. This clipped onto your phone will create some great really close up images. The closer you are to the object you want to take a picture of, the clearer the shot will be. I was amazed at the detail the macro lens picked up, especially of the material weave of the cloth bag that comes with the lens. It really gives some impressive shots.


This is a really great lens kit. you are getting 2 lens types and both provide excellent quality shots. When the lens is clipped onto the phone it doesn’t come off. It’s got a rubbery texture to it and really stayed on, despite the weight of the lens, and when I unclipped the lens there were no marks or scratches left by the lens clip.


Overall this is a great quality and professional looking lens kit. Both lens types are impressive and I can recommend it for anyone looking to have more versatility in taking photos without having to buy a dedicated camera for the job.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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