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Review: Urpower Aroma Diffuser


I was sent this aroma diffuser by Urpower for free for a review.

This lovely aroma diffuser comes in a plain brown box along with instructions, a mains cable and a measuring jug. The instructions are in English and are easy enough to read, with diagrams, but they could have been better written, and I would advise plugging in the mains cable to the diffuser (not live) before you add water, the instructions state the other way around but this can be tricky when the diffuser is full of water.

The basic idea of an aroma diffuser is that it not only creates a lovely mist of water, a basic humidifier, but when you add a few drops of your favourite essential oil it pushes that scent out with the mist and the smell is just lovely as it is a subtle smell compared to the oil itself.

The aroma diffuser is easy enough to use. First you have to turn the whole top of the diffuser slightly anti-clockwise to take it off. You then put the water into the compartment along with your favourite essential oil and then replace the lid. Be careful when replacing the lid as I managed to put it on the wrong way and get the whole lid stuck in the wrong position. Check where the word URPOWER is before you open up the lid and make sure you align it back in the same place. Connect the mains cable and you are ready.


There are two buttons, the LIGHT button and the MIST button. The mist button pressed once will light up green. This will create a mist that lasts for 30 seconds and then is off for 30 seconds, then back on for 30 seconds, etc. This is great if you want the diffuser to last longer with the mount of water in it and also great if a constant mist may feel overwhelming. Press the MIST button again and the button will light up red. This is for a continual mist. Press again and you stop the mist and turn it off.
The LIGHT button can be pressed whether you have a mist going or not. The first press of this button will cause a beautiful changing light. The light will morph from one colour to another quite slowly and even if you don’t have a mist going it is just lovely to look at. If you press the light button again during this ‘morphing’ you can stop the changing light on the colour you like. Pressing the light button after that will cycle through the various available colours, with a dim version first followed by light: dim green, bright green, dim blue, bright blue, dim red, bright red, dim yellow, bright yellow, dim pink, bright pink, dim turquoise, bright turquoise, dim white ,bright white and finally another press of the button for off. You can also press and hold the light button for a few seconds to turn it off instead of cycling through all the colours.

This is a lovely diffuser and so far I haven’t had any problems with it. However I give it a four rather than five stars as I found opening it a bit tricky. This is due to the fact that my hand width isn’t as wide as the diffuser so twisting the lid isn’t that easy, and lifting it up had to be done by pushing my nails in between the lid and the base and lifting up. I also ran into problems opening the lid after accidently putting it on the wrong way and because a diffuser cannot be tilted when opening the lid I just found it a bit tough. I also don’t like the fact that there’s an annoying beep with every button press. An unnecessary beeping that takes away from the relaxation of the aroma diffuser. However overall I still really like using this and I do like the design.

WARNING: Just a tip about cleaning, in case somebody wishes to gloss over the instructions i’d advise you read them carefully. Pouring any left over water should be done out of the drain side, if you pour the water out the wrong way you can damage the whole device, also make sure to be careful when cleaning the vibration plate (the dipped in circular part in the centre) it can be damaged if you push it too much.

A lovely aroma diffuser I can recommend.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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