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Review: Romoss 6000mAh Portable Charger


I got this portable charger by Kaleep for a big discount for a review.

I really like this portable charger, despite the lack of decent English instructions. The charger comes in its box along with a usb charger and instructions.
Getting into the box was a bit tough. The label is stuck onto the part of the box that needs to be opened and is tough to cut through so it took some time to get a knife to cut it. I nearly cut through a flap that is used to close the box, just to get inside. The instructions are written almost entirely in Chinese which is a disappointment. Although the diagrams (see my photos below) are easy enough to follow, there are no proper English sentences and even a button on the side of the charger has no English description in the instructions.


Using the charger is very easy. It already comes with a decent enough charge on it. To see this charge there is a button on the side. This button looks like a battery with a plus in it and also turns on the charger when you plug something in to charge. An indicator at the top lights up to show you how much power the charger itself has.


There are two usb ports on the side of the charger. One is more powerful than the other being able to charge something up more quickly and perfect if your device needs a lot of battery to charge. Although this charger is perfect for a phone that’s low on power, any device can be charged via this device. I even tried recharging my Bluetooth mouse for a bit when it stopped working while I was out. It worked really well and basically any usb rechargable device will work.

To recharge the charger itself it comes with its own usb cable (which can also be used to connect other devices). The cable connects to anywhere you would charge something up via usb, whether it’s your laptop/pc or a mains usb socket.


There is another feature this charger has and that is a torch function. Below the micro usb socket there is a small LED bulb. if you press and hold the power button the light will come on and shine. Perfect if you are in the dark, or for going through your bag to find the phone and cables and anything else. You press and hold the button again to turn the torch function off.

The charger itself is quite heavy, so be prepared to add some weight to your bag when you leave, but I really do love this thing. I can see it coming in very handy when going somewhere. For example, I spent a couple of days earlier this year completely away from any electricity outlet and my phone died, but I needed to call someone and this is the perfect solution. If I’d had a portable charger with me at the time I could have just recharged my phone to make that call – I had to wait 2 days before I could get back to any electricity and phone someone-luckily everything was fine, but you get the idea. The added torch function would have also helped as without electricity there were times when an extra torch would have helped. Indeed this charger can also be great if you suffer a long power cut at night! Of course once you’ve used the portable charger it’s important to recharge it otherwise you really will run out of power.🙂


Overall I can recommend this charger to anyone who wants that added security of being able to still use their phones especially if you are going away. It’s a nice compact size and despite its weight its still a great thing to have. Just a shame about all the Chinese instructions.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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