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Review: Inateck Waterproof Phone Case


I was sent this waterproof phone case in the pink option by Inateck for free for a review.

The Inateck waterproof case really is waterproof, and a great looking case too. The case comes in a plastic zip pocket along with a strap so you can keep it hung around your neck. The instructions for the case are on a piece of paper inside the case which are easy to read.

inatek1 inatek2

Opening the case takes a bit of strength with your fingers, the mechanism that keeps the bag shut and waterproof really is a tight one and don’t worry if you struggle at first, I did, but the case does open🙂. I have some pictures below to show you the mechanism. The two clips on the front are facing inwards and you have to use a lot of strength to slide them to the outside edges. Then the strange looking lock will open and you can separate the two black parts that make the seal at the top of the bag.


At first look the bag didn’t look like something that could be waterproof, given that its seal is created by really pressing together the two edges…But it does! On first test (and the instructions suggest to do a test run) I put a paper and some tissue into the case. After sealing the bag I then submerged the bag in water. For an added measure I also poured it under a fast running tap of cold water for a while. I let the pouring water run right on the opening mechanism to really test the bag.


Everything looked great, the tissue and paper didn’t look wet, so I then dried the bag. Make sure to thoroughly dry your bag before opening it up or you risk pouring all the water that’s collected on the outside onto your phone as you open it. So, were the tissue and paper really dry? The short answer is yes!
BUT, and this is why I have dropped a star, the bag’s opening is able to collect a lot of water (see last photo below). Water which is impossible to dry with any cloth or tissue before opening up the bag. Now the advice is of course to open the bag upside down and take you phone out that way but on taking the paper out, as carefully as possible, it still came into contact with some rogue piece of water that was hiding behind the black plastic. Nothing extremely wet, just a small dab or water, but still it was water. The bag’s tight opening also made pulling out the contents very difficult. If I was able to get a wider opening I could avoid my phone or anything else I stored in there from touching the wet edge, but unfortunately the opening is so tight that its difficult not to get your phone into contact with the opening.


Having said all this I would still recommend this waterproof case. The fact that you can immerse your bag with your phone inside it (and I did try all sorts of objects since the tissue test) is great. The waterproofness really does work. The mechanism is tight to open and close but I am still amazed at how simple yet efficient it is. This case also lets you use your phone through the case, making filming, taking pictures underwater fun.
For a small case to keep your phone in or other small important items this is a great buy. I love the pink colour and the fact there are many other colours in the range. Just be aware of that opening and make sure to really dry the black edges all over and the in between areas to avoid getting your things (especially papery things) wet.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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