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Review: Funblue Power Bank


I was sent this powerbank by Funblue for free for a review.


I got this in the Magenta colour option. The power bank comes in it’s box which although brown looks nice with a sticker seal on one side and a small pink dot sticker in the front to show the colour of the power bank inside the box. The power bank is well packaged inside the box along with an orange usb charging cable and instructions. The instructions have a basic diagram showing the two ports on the side but have nothing more than the product specifications written, no information on using the power bank. The instructions are in English and two other languages. Both I believe are Chinese (one simplified, one traditional).

fun1 fun2

With the instructions giving little more than a diagram of the power bank I had to learn how this thing works. You can use the power bank straight out of the box but it isn’t 100% charged. The short side of the power bank near the loop has a rubbery flap that opens to reveal two ports, a micro usb port and a regular usb port. This rubbery flap works but isn’t as secure as I’d like. You can charge up the bank by plugging the orange cable into the micro usb port and then the other end into a usb power supply. I checked the instructions which said charge time is 5 hours and left the power bank charging for a long time. While charging there’s a white light right next to the usb port that blinks. This was blinking/flashing for 5 and a half hours before I gave up and unplugged this. The indicator light never went off and I’m still not sure if it does.


To charge my phone I simply took the usb cable and plugged the micro usb end into the phone with the large usb port on the power bank. I have no idea what the other reviewer is talking about when they ‘pressed a power button’, I don’t have a power button on this, the minute you plug in the bank it starts charging. The only other thing the instructions state is that it will go on standby after a while of having nothing plugged into it.

Plugging this into my phone which is isn’t a well known phone brand but is very power hungry, I wondered still if it’s fully charged. I turned my phone off after it reached a critical low charge level and had the power bank charging it until 48% where I turned my phone on and started using it again. With me wasting the battery it only ever got to under 70% charge before the power bank lost all it’s charge. Now having used this only a short time and a limited charges I have found that it CAN charge up my phone once-just but I’m still wondering if I’m not charging this for long enough. The light never stops flashing but I’m reluctant to leave the thing plugged in for more than 5 and half hours. So there could be a greater charge that I just haven’t seen yet, if I learn more I’ll update this review. And maybe it’s just me and my power bank.


Through trying this out many times though I have learned that the lights flash/blink in a sequence according to how charged this is. Four lights in a row with then a gap means full or nearly full, 3 is slightly less charged, 2 is even less and one blink of a light and the power bank is nearly all discharged.
The speed of the charging seems to be similar to my mains usb port. I don’t use any special fast charging cables but it certainly seems to work well with this orange cable and the bank.


Overall this a is great item and at around £8 currently it’s not a bad thing to get and certainly if you are looking for an extra charge with a power bank you can carry around with you I’d recommend this. I do wish there was an indicator light rather than just the lights flashing when this thing is charging. I also wish there was a power button as this would turn off the blinking faster than waiting for this thing to go into ‘standby mode’. I like the fact this is lightweight though and small, compared to larger power banks this thing is perfect for getting an extra charge while I’m out and about and great for carrying in my bag. Apart from a missing button and indicator light, it’s a great product with a great look and colours!

Rating 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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