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Review: VogueOfEden Christmas Women’s Sweater


I  was sent this Christmas Sweater by Vogue of Eden for free for a review.

This long sweater or jumper comes in a re-sealable plastic bag. The jumper is well presented in the bag and does look like the above image although the red colour does seem to be a little darker, a sort of more deep red like my photos show.

This is a one size jumper. being a one size jumper I expected this to fit anyone at least up to the size of 16 in the UK. Now, I’m a 12 on top and 14 on the bottom I did wonder whether this would be a little large or small on me. Putting the jumper on it feels very nice, not at all itchy and actually feels soft against the skin. The size of the jumper is a bit tricky and I would definitely not advise anyone above a 14 to get this….

xmas1 xmas2
The jumper feels like a perfect fit on me but quite tight, though not too tight, around my hips and legs. My height is 5′ 5″ and this sweater (though advertised as a sweater dress) it really isn’t long enough to wear without some trousers or skirt on. It just comes down far enough so I’m not exposing myself but I don’t feel comfortable without some bottoms on. My size 14 waist might be partly to blame though as I don’t have an entirely flat stomach and so the jumper would probably lie a bit lower on somebody completely flat (or obviously somebody shorter than me).

The jumper is a good fit though and feels good all over. The arms aren’t too tight but with my toned arms there’s not too much room for larger arms. The whole sweater clings to me and really shows off my figure well which I’m impressed with! As I’ve said the bottom of the sweater clings extra tight to my legs which shows off my tummy a little when I turn sideways but it doesn’t actually look bad and I really loved the look the sweater gave me. The tightness around the legs isn’t painful but I don’t think I would be able to wear this if I were a size 16, at least not without feeling too squeezed or having the sweater bulge out more in the wrong places. I AM a fussy person though and don’t like things to feel too tight but I really don’t think a size 16 will fit unless you don’t mind feeling the tightness and it might get awkward and slightly painful at that size.


Overall this is a really lovely sweater. It fits me and my size really well! I really love the look it gives it’s not at all embarrassing and baggy like some Christmas jumpers can be, and the way it clings to my body it just makes me look really good and I’ve even been complimented on how I look wearing this. It’s a really nice jumper/sweater, not too thick as to look baggy but at the same time it also feels nice and warm and soft inside. I’d recommend this top but be aware that if you are above a UK size 14 it may not fit.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK ,click here


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