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Review:NordicFlash Camera Hand Straps (Pack of 5)


I was sent these camera straps by Nordic Flash for free for a review.

I always have my compact camera with me when I’m outdoors. I visit a lot of different places in my spare time and always like to take photos so being able to keep my camera safe is important. My camera already comes with its own strap, but here’s the problem. My camera’s strap is just a long loop, that’s it. The loop is far too big for my wrist, so when I use the camera I am aware it could just slip off my wrist and end up on the floor. But these Nordic Flash straps are different.

The straps come in a plain bag. you get five straps, so more than enough for all your devices. The straps, for a start are very comfortable to wear on the wrist. I’m actually surprised with just how comfortable the material is compared to my camera’s original strap. The straps come with an adjustable ball that you press and slide to adjust it to your wrist. This is the crucial part that will stop the strap sliding off your wrist and is why these are so great. It is completely adjustable up and down by pressing down on the button on that ball until you have the perfect fit.

Now, because the strap is tightened on your wrist, it is still crucial that you can detach it from your wrist quickly, if you need to, to take a perfect shot. Again, these straps have what you need. The end of each strap comes with a release mechanism which separates the soft strap from the part attached to the camera. It’s a simple push and release mechanism similar to those plastic clips on rucksacks.

I’d recommend these straps to anyone who either doesn’t have a strap on their camera/phone, or who has a loop version like I do. They really are a great product, very strong and they really do keep your camera/phones safe. The only thing I would say though, is that if you get some straps that are faulty then ask fro a replacement. I got a faulty set of straps with parts missing and material loose, but if this happens to you then ask for a replacement as these really are quality and the second set are, so far, perfect🙂.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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