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Review: Stoga SSC03 720p Sports Action Camera


I was sent this sports action camera by Stoga for free for a review.

To start with I’ll just make sure that everybody knows that I am reviewing the SSC003 model. There have been a lot of reviews for different models so I hope everyone will understand which camera I’m reviewing.

So, what can I say except FUN! This cameral comes nicely packaged along with great and easy to read instructions, two different mounts, a belt, a usb cable, an av cable and the camera itself inside a waterproof case. As you can see from the packaging it is nicely presented. Now, I have seen a lot of negative reviews for other versions of this camera and I cannot comment on other users experience, but for me I have had no problems with this camera. In fact my experience has been so great and I’m going to share it with you as I explain more.

stoga-cam1 stoga-cam2 stoga-cam3 stoga-cam4

The instructions are written in English and include pictures and diagrams making it very easy to understand everything. There’s only one slight error in the description of LO and HI capture of the video and camera where the picture in the instructions says the opposite of the writing (Lo instead of HI) but it’s a very obvious error and it doesn’t confuse you.🙂

The first thing you need to do is to get the camera out of its waterproof case. There are no instructions to do this but I soon worked it out and you simply have to move a clip underneath the case to release the front end, I’ve taken pictures below to show you. Once the camera is out of the case you need to connect it via the usb cable to either your computer or a usb charger. The panel on the back of the cameral opens to reveal 3 connections, the usb port, the av port and the micro sd card port. The charge did take me over 2 hours and unfortunately it is very difficult to see the screen to know whether it is charged. The LCD screen on the side shows the word ON and above that is a tiny image of a battery and while charging two dots appear one after the other (like a phone charging) and when fully charged appear together, unfortunately unless you have super sight like me you might need a magnifying glass to see this tiny battery. So either way make sure your camera is fully charged before you use it.

Once it has charged you are ready to use it. You will need your own micro sd card and you have to put it in with the metal pins facing the av and usb ports. The card should go all the way in and click down.
To use the camera simply press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn the camera on. Then you can go through the different modes: HI video, LO video, HI photo, LO photo. To start recording a video simply press the shutter button, and again to stop recording, and every time you want to take a picture in photo mode you press the shutter button.


So how well does this camera perform? A lot of reviews here have rubbished the quality of the picture but with this SSC003 I really do think you are getting a great camera for your money. The pictures are a good quality, perhaps not really HD but good for the price.
Plenty of people are probably expecting something similar to a gopro camera, I don’t exactly know how good the quality of those cameras are (have never had one) but they are very expensive and for the cost of this camera I can tell the that the images are really good. The camera actually reminds me of a kids tyco video camera I own. It was a fun kids video camera that played in black and white and was really cheap compared to the colour cameras back in the 90s but was every bit as good, and just like that camera this one has great picture quality, and great colour, but for a budget price🙂.

The picture quality of photos and video are a bit more grainy in LO capture mode and if you take a photo while moving with the LO capture it does look very blurred, however the HI photos are great and if you play a HI video you get an extra wide screen to capture that great landscape scene.
The cameras HI videos are actually really great. I’ve bounced the camera about, run with it, purposefully jerked it about and the whole time the camera did a great job of keeping the framing, just as any other camcorder would do.


There is a microphone on the top of the camera, a small hole near the power button. The sound is captured really well when the camera is alone, but the sound is almost non-existence if you put the camera in its waterproof case. This is because the case doesn’t have a hole for the microphone so you simply don’t get to capture sound, but the picture definitely makes up for that, and I’m not sure I’d want to listen to myself panting while recording the scenery of my run!🙂

There are two mounts that come with the camera which are easy to clip on but not so easy to take off. I needed to really push two clips together and yank the camera and mount apart. Great for securing the camera but not so great for sore fingers.


To play back your pictures and videos you can either connect the camera to you pc, press the power button when you have plugged it in to get your pc to recognise the camera, and then play or transfer files from the camera to your pc (it appears on your pc as another disc drive) or you can plug in the AV cable and watch your recordings via your tv. Plugging into you tv is actually quite fun, and you can both play and delete files this way. The images via the AV cable won’t look HD quality and this is, remember, not 1080p but 720p, but I have actually been very pleased. The quality of this camera is the same as my Fujifilm camera (which cost more to buy).

I’d recommend this camera to anybody looking for a great fun camera. Although marketed as a sports camera its also great fun to use out of its waterproof case. You can capture silly moments with friends and family at home as well as taking it with you for sports and just taking some lovely wide angled pictures. Much lighter than a regular camera and so small it really is a great camera for the money. This would make a great gift for anyone, even kids would love it, the size and weight is so small I just can’t get enough of this great camera!🙂

Note, I read a lot of negative reviews about a red picture appearing. This happened to me only when I was in a room lit with a yellowish light. In bright light the camera captured proper coloured images.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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