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Review: Stoga Gun Alarm Clock


I was sent this gun alarm clock by Stoga for a very big discount for a review.

Wow! I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun with an alarm clock in my life! This clock is so fun and you can play games at any time too, I actually spent a whole afternoon just having fun with this clock!🙂

The alarm clock comes in a nice box with a white version pictured although what you get is a black alarm clock and black gun which I think looks better. It’s well packaged inside and you have the alarm clock, the toy gun and an instruction leaflet written in both English and (I assume) Chinese. The instructions are very easy to understand and with clear pictures means there’s no difficulty in knowing what to do.

gun1 gun2

There’s no power cables of any kind so what you have to do is either use AA batteries or find your own usb cable and connect it via the micro usb port on the back to either your computer or a usb power socket. I tried with batteries and it does need a fair few, the clock itself runs on 4 AA batteries while the toy gun needs 2 AA batteries.
Once the batteries are in you’re set.

There are constant sound effects of a gun being fired whenever you press a button to adjust the time, alarm, etc. The sound effects are very loud so perhaps set the time and alarm before it’s late at night🙂. Setting both the time and alarm are easy, the instructions are very clear and I don’t think anybody would have any problems understanding them. You simply press the M button until the hour stars flashing and then set it by scrolling forwards with the S button. The clock has an AM/PM setting so make sure you don’t set the wrong time. Setting the minutes happens after setting the hour by pressing the M button again and going through the same process. When you are happy with the time just press M again or wait a few seconds.
Setting the alarm is almost the same process but you have to press the M button until the little bell is flashing, then go through the same process of setting the alarm time, except there is one more setting to select, and that is if you want a ‘normal’ or ‘hard’ mode to wake you up. The normal mode just needs you to fire one shot at the target before the alarm stops ringing, in hard mode you have to fire 5 times. I personally love the hard mode as you’ll really be awake by the final 5th shot🙂.
Of course if you are really lazy, have had enough of the ringing or even lost the toy gun in the panic when you wake up, you can turn off the alarm by pressing the M button.🙂

This alarm clock doesn’t just let you shoot at the target when you set the alarm. You can also play games! There are two game modes to pick from. You press the MODE button to play games. Pressing the SET button after mode lets you choose between game 1 and game 2. Then press MODE again to play!


The target rises up and a voice shouts at you to ‘Come on!’ You have to fire right at the centre of the target or else it doesn’t register. The first game apparently plays a different sound effect depending on how long you take to fire correctly and the second game is more about accuracy but I was too busy having so much fun to notice the differences….I know I like game 2 better though!🙂

The firing of the gun actually pulls back on the top part of the gun (no idea what that’s called) and leads to a very satisfying and loud ‘click’. The noise of the toy gun is enough to wake me up in the morning, but the alarm itself is very loud too. The target can be tougher to hit than you think too, especially if you move away from it like I did.
It actually doesn’t work if you are too close and I found great fun in standing a couple of metres away and trying to hit the target. Every time you hit the target the voice calls out ‘good job’ or ‘excellent’.
Shooting down the target literally flips the target back down flat onto the clock and then it raises up again ready for you to fire again. Each game gives you 5 chances to fire and then the game is over, with a loud little jingle to end the game. You can replay again and again just by pressing the MODE button and I’m surprised just how addictive this feature has been for me. Maybe because I love playing games of all kinds but I really did love testing out how far away I could accurately still hit the target and I’m surprised with just how bad my aim sometimes is!😮

You can of course stop a game at any time by pressing the MODE button again, but if you do the voice that’s been encouraging you shouts out an ‘aww!’.

This alarm clock also has a feature where you can record your own alarm. The instructions suggest playing a tune while recording but you could do anything including yelling to yourself to wake up.🙂 You get to record your own alarm by first pressing the dot button (on the left with the M and S buttons). You then get a few seconds of record time. I have to warn you the recording microphone is terrible at picking up sound and if you plan to record something you should play your music or shout loudly at the clock (I don’t know where the microphone hole is yet).

You can play back this recording to hear it for yourself via the triangle button (see picture below). The play back is actually pretty awful. Imagine a recording that’s been copied many, many times and that’s what you hear back through the clock’s speaker, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The sound can be so annoying you’ll jump out of bed just to try and stop it🙂. The sound is only about 10 seconds and then it loops which again can be annoying enough to wake you up.🙂


The alarm clock can play both your own personally made alarm, or its own. Changing this is again explained in an additional little sheet of paper that comes with the alarm clock. There is a little switch on the back of the clock (I’ve taken a picture below to show you) the switch is set to the right for your own alarm or to the left for the clocks own alarm. BUT you MUST cut all power to the alarm clock for the 10 seconds stated. I tried changing the switch without cutting the power, then with just removing one battery for a few seconds but my own alarm still rang.
You have to cut the power long enough for the clock to basically reset. It means that when you plug it back in, or put the batteries back in you’ll have to reset the time and alarm, but that’s the only way to stop playing your own recording…if you want to🙂

I’d really recommend this alarm clock to anybody, adults or children will really love this. It is certainly loud enough to wake you up and the fun you can have is so great! Anyone who loves to have a bit of fun will love this gadget and I can easily see this being given as a gift for friends, family and even for yourself! The alarm clock too feels well made as does the toy gun…I can really recommend this clock it is so much fun!🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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