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Review: HueLiv 3D VR Headset


I was sent this VR headset by HueLiv for free for a review.

This VR headset comes with parts needing attaching, in its box along with instructions. The instructions are in English and are easy to understand and there are diagrams throughout.

The VR headset requires some set up to fit the head bands in place, but this is very easy to do and just takes a few minutes. There are pictures showing you how to do this and its just a matter of feeding the individual bands through the holes and then using the Velcro method to adjust to the size of your head.

vr1 vr2

The VR headset requires no other set up. The front section opens down to reveal the space for your phone. There are some suction cups there and they are very good at keeping your phone in place. My phone is quite big and it fitted with plenty of room to spare. The important thing to do when placing your phone in this compartment is to get it just right. It should be completely in the centre. If this is causing some problems to get the centre just right there is a line marking the centre of the black plastic and if you use a VR app, or the QR code in the instructions (or search online) just play on your phone any VR clip or game and watch where the centre line is on your phone. Line it up and it should work.

Once you’ve attached your phone just close the open front panel and put the headset on. The headset itself is well padded in the places it will touch your face. Adjusting the head bands is important to make sure this sits right, but I still had trouble with the area that sits on the nose feeling a bit heavier than I would like.

The headset has a black button on the bottom which you can press. This button is supposed to act like a person’s finger on the phone and the phone should respond. The instructions even state that some phones are not so reactive so they need a harder pressing of the button. Despite this my phone did work in certain VR apps but nothing happened when I tried pressing this button while watching a VR clip on youtube.


Until trying this VR headset I had never tried VR before. And I have to say that I am really impressed. I just tried simple apps at first such as a VR rollercoaster and the 3d feeling is very good. It truly made me feel like I was on the rollercoaster, even making me feel a little sick (I’m not a fan of real life rollercoasters).

Overall the quality of this thing feels good. Although one screw was loose on the flap that opens to put your phone it (pictured), this was easily fixed with fitting the screw back in and hasn’t caused me problems. Although I had minor issues with the nose area, the rest of the headset is very comfortable and the whole feel of it is nice. For the chance to try out VR at this price I can recommend this headset. I’ve had no problems so far and am becoming slightly obsessive using VR🙂.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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