Review: Wildman Compact Auto-Open/Close Umbrella


I was sent this automatic umbrella by Wildman for free for a review.

This umbrella comes has its own cover for the umbrella and a good strong handle and loop. The handle is very comfortable to use and the shape of the straight handle fits perfectly into the hand, better than any other umbrella I’ve used. You’ll notice that this umbrella is quite heavy, but it’s well worth that weight.

There are simple instruction pictures on the tag of the umbrella. To use this you simply un-pop the popper and then press the button on the handle. The umbrella will spring away from you and open up suddenly and fully. Pressing the button to release the umbrella is easy to do and the umbrella feels very sturdy. It is quite large across, fitting two people easily underneath it.

Closing the umbrella is a simple matter of pressing the button too. Unfortunately pressing the button to close the umbrella seems to take more effort than pressing it to open it. But it does work and the main body of the umbrella closes. However you have to then push the folded part down the long stick towards the handle and this needs a bit of force as you can feel you are pushing against a spring. Once you push it into place and hear the click it’s ready for next time.

The umbrella has no problems in the rain or wind although I haven’t had the chance to test it with a very heavy down pour or any gusty winds yet. But from what I have experienced it is very study and I love using it. I’ve never invested enough in an umbrella and have gone through a lot of cheap ones that were very flimsy and uncomfortable to use. This umbrella though is comfortable, the handle even has a slight non-slip grip material on it, and the ends of each metal have a rounded sphere so no poking anybody in the eye if you accidently move the umbrella around. The only problem I had was fitting the cover back on after use, but this isn’t impossible and doesn’t really matter to me

Overall this is a very good umbrella and so far I have had no problems with it so I can recommend it.🙂

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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