Review: VicTsing 8×40 Zoom Prism Binoculars


I was sent these binoculars by VicTsing for free for a review.

These binoculars come in a white box and inside you’ll get the a carry bag for the binoculars with a plastic bag inside it which contains the binoculars, a neck strap, a cloth for wiping the lenses and an instruction booklet. The instruction leaflet comes in English with diagrams and although it doesn’t contain that much information, it is more than enough and explains how to adjust the lens and all the relevant information you need.


The binocular carry bag has a strap which isn’t as long as I had hoped and can be worn on the shoulder but trying to put this thing cross-body (which I would prefer) is impossible! And I don’t fancy wearing the bag around my neck due to the weight of the binoculars so be aware of this when buying. The neck strap can be attached to the binoculars but I haven’t done this yet as the binoculars feel too heavy to keep around my head.


The binoculars are weighty but feel like they are a good quality. There are four removable lens caps, two at the end that points to what you are looking at unscrew off, and the two lens caps over the eye pieces just pull off. A fith small black ‘cap’ fell off of my pair of binoculars at the front. I’ve taken a picture of it, it’s a small cap that covers a big screw in the binoculars, but this doesn’t interfere with the usability of the binoculars and is more for aesthetics so I haven’t dropped any stars for this as it can be easily glued back on (it looks like it was glued on in the first placed).


Using the binoculars if you are not familiar, takes a bit of time. Most of this is spent adjusting to get a good focus. The first thing you do is to pull the binoculars apart to fit the width of your eyes, so each eye is easily seeing enough. The second thing to do is to adjust the focus. Now, my instinct was to reach for the wheel that sits in between both eye pieces to adjust focus but this didn’t quite work until I read the instructions which stated that I should use this wheel to adjust on the left eye piece. Then the right eye piece has a wheel and you turn that to adjust the right eye piece until you can see properly ahead with both eyes.

The two eye pieces have rubbery cups that keep the light out while you are looking through them. This rubber cup is unnecessary if you are wearing glasses and so you can roll them down to get a closer view (see photo).


Looking through the binoculars is amazing once you set the focus correctly. You really can see a lot of detail at a far distance. The view from the binoculars is almost a 3D effect with the background out of focus and blurry and what you are focussing on in perfect view. The only hassle with any binoculars is that if you want to see further away suddenly you have to manually change the focus each time and get a good focus otherwise you won’t see properly when looking through the eye pieces.


I am really enjoying using these binoculars and have even tried to take a photo through my net curtained window by pressing my camera up to one of the eye lenses. That tree is a decent distance away but I didn’t realise there was a bird sitting on a branch until I looked through the binoculars. The focus isn’t perfect but this was a quick photo without proper adjustment.

Overall a great pair of binoculars. Great to use but takes some time to adjust.

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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