Review: Topoint Leaf Design Silicone Door Stoppers (Pack of 4)


I was sent these door stoppers by Topoint for free for a review.

These leaf door stoppers look great and do a great job too! When you receive them the four door stoppers come in a plain brown box. Inside that box you get four door stoppers, each a different colour, blue, green, brown and yellow.

Each door stopper has a small strap attached so you can hang it up. This strap woks well on small door handles but if your house has large knobs instead then I don’t think you could hang them on the handle. Every single door stopper comes in a lovely leaf design. It’s nice to have a door stopper which looks pretty at the same time as doing its job.

leaf-door-stops1 leaf-door-stops2

I’ve tried using these both on carpeted doorways and floor. The door stopper works well on both! The silicone it is made of has a rubbery feel to it and it is this great material which give this door stopper an immediate resistance on any floor.
What I also love about theses is their size. There are plenty of door stops out there that are longer in length that this one, and still others that are like heavy bags that you put in front of your door. Well, these, if used to prop open a door, are very small and do not cause you to trip over them. I have suffered many accidents when I’ve tripped into a door stop that I forgot or didn’t look down to see was there.
These have a second function, to keep doors propped open but only slightly. These also do a fantastic job and really do keep the door open, just a fraction, so you can have a door open where baby is or for any other reason, my cat sometimes wants enough room to paw her way in, but I want the door almost closed.

These door stoppers are lovely to look at and are well made. You can easily un-wedge them from your door by pulling on the leaf stem or the loop of material. And because they are silicone I believe they are very durable.
A great set of door stoppers I can recommend :)!

Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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