Review: Svinz Smart Ultrasonic Pest Repeller


I was sent this pest repeller by Svinz for free for a review.

This pest repeller comes in its box along with instructions. The instructions are in English and are easy to understand.
This repeller is different to others I have tried. The others have always plugged straight into the wall socket and you’ve been stuck with making sure there is space around that wall socket for the sound waves to go around your room. well with this pest repeller you have a cable leading from the wall socket making it easier to position this on a shelf or table somewhere.

The pest repeller works very simply. You just plug it into the wall socket and then there is a button on the top of the repeller to turn it on or off. Once on one of three lights will be on and change in turn. This change is a change in frequency that targets that particular pest. they are 1 mouse, 2 cockroach, 3 mosquito. Although these three are mentioned this pest repeller targets a wide variety of pests.

I plugged in my repeller after suffering a heavy fly problem which had gone away with a previous repeller but after two days of no use they came back. This svinz repeller has managed to keep the flies away from my house (they were coming in from the outside) with no problems. Although at first I didn’t seem to notice any difference, after a few days of use I saw that no new flies were entering the house and I only had problems with the ones already in there!

The repeller works well, but not as fast as some others I have tried (although this may be due to the flies and their speed of disappearing). I also have one other gripe that makes me give this a 4 rather than 5 star rating. This thing is designed to send out ultrasonic sound waves which are inaudible to humans. While I can’t hear these ultrasonic waves, this repeller does seem to make crackling noises especially at the higher frequency levels (2 and 3). I’ve never hear such ‘crackling’ with any other plug in pest repeller I have tried and although this sound really won’t disturb the majority of people (it’s very quiet), I have very sensitive hearing and do enjoy my quiet time with no other devices or gadgets on and in those times when the svinz switches to 2 or 3 frequency, I can hear that very slight crackle sound.

WARNING! It isn’t said anywhere in the instructions for this device but I know from previous ones I have, that if you have any rodent or insect pets such as gerbils, hamsters, spider, stick insect, etc then they WILL be affected by this repeller and you should either not use it at all or be careful where your pet is. This repeller affects all rodents and insects (including spiders though they aren’t insects!)

Overall a very good repeller for getting rid of pests, but a strange ‘crackle’ noise I’m not so keen on.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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