Review: Nikkouware High Quality Stainless Steel Double Glide Shower Curtain Hooks


I was sent these shower curtain hooks by Nikkouware for free for a review.

These shower curtain rings really do glide. They come in an easy to open plastic pack and you get 12 curtain hooks. Attaching your shower curtain to the hooks is easy and attaching the hooks to your curtain rail even easier. I actually really like the hook design above a traditional ring.


Each hook looks pretty but the beads along the top (not on the ends) actually move about. Not only are they able to collectively move left and right a couple of millimetres but each bead is free to spin around on the hook. It is this clever design which makes them glide so easily. I actually hate any kinds of curtains that catch when the rings don’t glide properly forcing the curtain to stick but with these curtain hooks I’m really impressed. The shower curtain just goes back and forth so easily, despite the rail I’ve tried them on having a slight nick and bump in it.
I just cannot find fault with these rings and I am very happy to recommend them.


Rating: 5/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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