Review: Mudder Fabric Fuzz/Bobble Shaver


I was sent this fabric babble shaver by Mudder for free for a review.

This is a great item if you’ve ever suffered from any bobbling of clothes over time. It doesn’t have to be jumpers but any clothing at all that has little bobbles or tiny threads that start to come out and show can be shaved away with this clever fabric shaver. The shaver comes in a brown box along with a charging cable, cleaning brush and instructions. The instructions are in both English and Chinese. The written instructions are pretty basic, no more than warnings of what not to do such as not using this on clothes you are wearing. There are picture diagrams which are the main instructions and they are simple enough and are all the instructions you really need – although I would have preferred some added text.

lint-shaver1 lint-shaver2

The shaver comes with a battery compartment on the handle. There are 2 AA rechargeable batteries already included and you are provided with a cable to plug into the bottom of the handle and the other end goes into any usb power socket you have (pc or mains usb). A light bright red light is on the handle, near the on/off switch, when it is charging and I’m not sure if this ever turns off, but considering how this device isn’t going to be used for a long time (unlike a vacuum cleaner for example) it doesn’t matter if it isn’t fully charged. Alternatively I assume 2 standard AA batteries would work too although I didn’t try them yet.

Using the shaver is very easy. You just press the shaver down onto the fabric that has bobbles on it and press the switch to on. The arrow above the switch turns green and you hear the shaver blades rotating. Then just brush the shaver over the material like you would an iron and when it gets hold of a bobble of fuzz you’ll hear a satisfying ‘zzzip’ noise as it shaves off the bobble/pill :)!


The green wheel is adjustable to different closeness of shaving so for jumpers you might want it to be set far away but for some thinner clothes with finer bobbles you’d set this thing to a closer shave setting. This thing really does work at shaving off all those bobbles. I have a couple of blouses I’m still fond of wearing at home but not so fond of wearing outdoors due to the bobbling. Well, with a quick ‘shave’ with this machine, the bobbles are gone and my tops look so much nicer now:).

The shaver comes with a mini brush. This is to help clean out the blades should you ever need to. I’ve managed to take the head off of the shaver to reveal the blades (see pictures) but I haven’t had a need to clean them yet. To replace the head of the shaver I found that rather than twisting it shut, which is what the instructions say, I have to just point it down on a table (as if I was using it) and just push down until it clicks back on.


Overall this is a really great product, very clever and easy to use. But I’ve given it a 4 rather than 5 star rating due to just how tricky the pill/bobble compartment is to remove and clean. The diagrams show it that you are just supposed to push it down with enough force. well, try as hard as I liked and with sore fingers at the end, I just couldn’t get the thing open…Until I used a blunt knife. I had to wedge the knife in the top of the compartment and use it like a lever to push it down until it clicked out of position to allow me to clean out the bobbles.

I’d recommend this fabric shaver to anybody interested in keeping all their fabric items lovely and free of bobbles. It’s a great item to have, and easy to use, just a bit tough to remove the pill/bobble compartment to clean.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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