Review: Kurtzy 4-Dial Combination Locks (Pack of 4)


I was sent these locks by Kurtzy for free for a review.

These four padlocks each come in their own plastic bag and then in a Kurtzy bag along with an instruction leaflet. The instructions are in English and are easy to understand, with diagrams of the padlocks and brief information on how to change the code from the default.

There’s always a reason you need a padlock, and while I believe that nothing can beat having a key padlock, sometimes it isn’t practical especially if you are prone to losing your key or like me at school, you just didn’t have the time to search for your padlock key in your bag in between lessons. That’s where a numbered padlock comes in handy. These padlocks from Kurtzy are all decent enough to use, although feel a bit different from previous padlocks I’ve tried.
Most padlocks I’ve tried pull out of the lock and when you are finished you click down the loop back into the lock. This clicking down usually happens regardless of which number the padlock is set too and can be pulled out when you set to your own number combination, but these padlocks feel different. Instead of clicking down with a satisfying crunch, they instead just sit in place and you only actually lock down the padlock when you change the numbers to something that isn’t your own code – I hope that all made sense. You also cannot close the padlock if you have to code set to something which isn’t your own code (a slight downside as I’d rather change the numbers as soon as I open the padlock to deter others from reading it). Despite this strange and different feel, it doesn’t make these padlocks any less secure.


Most numbered padlocks I’m used to have 3 numbers to form a code, but these padlocks have 4! This makes it harder for anyone to steal your padlock through trying all the numbers, making it more secure for you.


Setting a new code to one you will remember is harder than I thought. The instructions are easy to understand, and so is the method of changing it, but after moving the locking loop to a certain place you are supposed to hold it down and set you new number code, however this is much harder to do than I first thought as you have to really press it down with a lot of hand strength while turning the numbers with your other hand, and while some may find this super easy, with my recent hand injury I found it a lot harder to do.

Overall this is a good padlock set. I wouldn’t say they are the most sturdy padlocks in the world, there are usually thicker more heavy duty ones for that, but this is a good set of number padlocks for simpler things to keep locked.

Rating: 4/5

Review published on amazon UK, click here


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